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Monday 17 September 2018

Sun Brexit Lies Get Desperate

After the movement for a “people’s vote” on the terms of whatever deal is reached between the UK and EU on the future relationship between the two gained critical mass, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan backed the idea and over 100 CLPs deciding to submit Brexit-related motions to the Labour Party Conference which begins next weekend, those still wedded to the Leave cause have had to resort to ever-more desperate measures.
Why did Kavanagh cross the road? Because he understood it was in his interest to do so

And they don’t come much more desperate than the Murdoch goons at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun, where faithful retainer Trevor Kavanagh has gone over the top in no style at all on his favourite subject, which is talking well, while lying badly.

Brussels will blink first - as they don’t want Jeremy Corbyn in No10 eitherproclaims the headline, which Kav cannot stand up, as he just made it up and didn’t bother asking anyone first. But his real beef is with Theresa May’s “Chequers compromise”.

The Chequers deal is flawed by the fantasy we can follow an EU rule book on free trade and regulation while reserving the right to duck and dive … Outside Cabinet, Tories on all sides - Brexiteers and Remainers - insist it is unworkable … ‘It fails to take back control of our laws, borders, money and trade,’ writes ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith”. Duncan Cough is lying, especially as we never gave away control of laws, borders and money.
Smile Becky, your empire's going down the pan and no-one cares

Do go on. “Mrs May claims there is no alternative to Chequers … But there has to be - and Britain is already working on it … preparations for a clean break are in train … since Chequers is universally seen as a non-starter, free trade automatically becomes the only viable plan on the UK table”. F*** off. Just f*** right off. No deal does not, repeat not, repeat NOT mean free trade. Free trade is what we have now.

But the lying was not done yet. “New Brexit minister, karate black belt and rising star Dominic Raab, is making this vividly clear in Brussels … He alarmed Downing Street by threatening to withhold the EU’s £40billion ransom if they push us too far … And he has told Barnier to do his own dirty work and impose a border in the Irish Sea if he dares”.

Ri-i-i-i-ight. One, I couldn’t give s flying foxtrot if Dominic Raab has a black belt in origami. It’s utterly irrelevant to the EU negotiations. Two, it’s not in Raab’s gift to withhold the “divorce settlement”. Three, if we did, no country worth its reputation would trust us ever again, which would screw over prospects of future trade deals. And Four, it is not in Michel Barnier’s gift to “impose a border in the Irish Sea”. Lies, lies, lies.
And on he goes. “The EC has enough on its plate with the growing explosion of anti-Brussels populism across Europe. The last thing it wants any time soon is a hard-left Labour government led by lifelong EU-haters Jeremy Corbyn and Marxist Chancellor John McDonnell … It might be the one bargaining chip that makes Michel Barnier blink first”. What “anti-Brussels populism”? And more invention on Jezza. But there is yet more.

Young workers are flocking to the UK for jobs. Wages are rising. Growth is strong”. Wages have fallen in real terms in the past decade and are not rising at a rate that keeps up with inflation. As for growth, we’re bottom of the OECD forecast league for this year.

Time was when Sun readers would have listened to this clown. Not any more.
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rob said...

The Sun is gradually turning into a White (supremecist?)Dwarf.

Hot air escapes leaving dense matter behind at its core.

Will not brighten up your day.

Anonymous said...

The Scum could always bring back MacFilth to breathe new death into it.

Like fruitloop Hopkins, he'll soon need the money. Alimony can be debilitating.

Jonathan said...

Aye the Sun newspaper behaving just like a Red Dwarf star before collapse, pumping out lies, smears and titalous gossip whilst the public turn away from it in their droves and read alternative and usually more accurate sources of news from the New Left Media and bloggers who provide the alternative and investigative journalism which our print media was once a global leader in.
Whilst no can accuse The Sun newspaper or its downright unpleasant political editor Trevor Kavanagh of ever bothering with investigative journalism, its time is up as a newspaper.

christian said...

How is that for a #brexit cartoon? A huge lorry labeled #EU and a union jack colored mini labeled #UK speeding towards each other. "Let's see who blinks first", thank you Sun :-D

nparker said...

What is it about people called some version of Kavanagh beings vicious little creeps? One here in the UK papers, one rapist over in the US trying to play at being a Supreme Court nominee.

rob said...

@ nparker

That's being a bit nameist (or is that onomasticist) isn't it?

I'm sure there are a lot of Kavanaghs (or versions thereof) who would be horrified to be so associated.

Some of my good friends are Kavanaghs. (Actually fake news but they would be if I knew them. Possibly).