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Monday 3 September 2018

Margaret Hodge Reveals Corbyn Obsession

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn could, in Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ happy phrase, “recant and repent”. He could urge the party’s NEC to adopt the whole of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, along with every one of the attached examples. He could make any number of apologies, subject himself to any amount of training. He could accede to every demand recently made of him. But we now know that would not satisfy one of his critics.
For Barking’s veteran MP Margaret Hodge, Jezza now has to go. In fact, he always had to go, although Ms Hodge’s candour did not extend to admitting that yesterday. For her, this is personal. It is no longer about anti-Semitism, if indeed it ever was. As the Guardian has reported, she “has signalled that Labour MPs critical of Jeremy Corbyn are digging in for a long struggle against his leadership as she suggested that the antisemitism row would only end if he stood aside”. It’s not about anti-Semitism. It’s about getting Jezza out.

You think I exaggerate? “Hodge said it would no longer be enough if the party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) adopts on Tuesday, as expected, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism with all 11 of the attached examples”. But this is not her fault. It is, by the most fortunate coincidence, Corbyn’s.
It might have been enough three months ago, it might have just enabled us all to start talking to each other and bring trust again, but I think that moment has passed” she claimed, and then let slip “The problem is that he is the problem … The party is bigger than Corbyn. Our party has been around for over 100 years, Corbyn has only been there for three - three damaging years”. And why is it so personal?

Ah well. Thanks to Private Eye magazine, we now know how Ms Hodge’s vindictiveness was kindled. Recalling an early meeting between her and Jezza, it tells “MILLIONAIRE newcomer to the House of Commons Margeret Hodge has had a tricky time with some of her fellow Labour MPs … A former leader of Islington Council and now a devoted Blairite member for Barking, Hodge agreed to debate Clause 4 with hard left MP Jeremy Corbyn in front of an earnest crowd at the Red Rose Centre in Islington”. There was more.
Corbyn argued to retain the public ownership clause while Hodge said electoral victory must come first. Corbyn won the crowd over completely - at which point Hodge turned from cool pragmatist into fuming maniac. She rose to reply and completely blew her gasket: she called the astonished crowd stupid and accused them of loving being in opposition and of having their heads in the sand.” And the conclusion of this encounter?

Of the hundred or so present, only two voted in favour of Hodge, one of them being Stephen Twigg, ex-president of the NUS (and now Hodge’s researcher).” It wasn’t about anti-Semitism then, and it isn’t about anti-Semitism now. It’s about a vindictive and jealous politician enacting an act of retribution for coming second best once again.

The minor detail which Margeret Hodge chooses to ignore, of course, is that the party is not only bigger than Jezza, it is bigger than her. And that her obsession has the potential to bring the whole house crashing down - to wreck the Labour Party.

That’s the problem with obsessions - the inability to see the damage they do to others.
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Anonymous said...

I don't think Margaret Hodge has forgiven the party for issuing her with a formal warning regarding her recent reported behaviour towards Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons, behind the Speaker's chair. 'Fucking racist & antisemite' (clearly he is neither) were the words she reportedly used, and Labour whips said she had later 'expressed regret', which let her off the hook of a formal disciplinary case being made. Her hissy fit likening this to Germany in the 1930s was simply bizarre.

She then claimed she hadn't apologized. There again, she & her expensive lawyers claimed she had no idea why she was sent a letter from Labour about the complaint made re her behaviour. Perhaps this is how she normally behaves?

I think she's not happy Corbyn walked calmly off, she would have loved a good slanging match. Harpy is the word that springs to mind.

Massive, massive ego. She clearly sees herself as Labour royalty, and Corbyn still a jumped up backbencher.

MP for Barking? How apt.

Anonymous said...

Nor, of course, bad as she is, is it all about Hodge.

Skulking behind her are the usual right wing quislings and spivs, red tories to a man and woman. They can "dig in" all they like, hopefully digging their own political graves. As disgusting a gang of political traitors as domestic politics has ever experienced.

Over the weekend, right on cue, they even disinterred the political corpse of Gordon Brown (for those who have forgotten, the man who "Abolished boom and bust" just months before one of the most disastrous busts in capitalist history). And there he was, striding up and down, stabbing the air with his finger, persuading nobody but himself that his words count for anything - coming as they do from the long discredited red tory warmongering partnership with Blair. Needless to say, BBC "News" described him as "One of Labour's big guns". Unfortunately they missed the word "pop" before "guns". All it demonstrated was the sheer moral bankruptcy of New Labour and the equally usual media shills. Across the country Brown's appearance was greeted by raucous laughter.

After "antisemitism" there will be more propaganda shit and smears. Nothing is more certain. But this time red tories like Hodge won't have it all their own way. Hence the "conciliatory" manifestation of the distinctly creepy Ellman, a woman who has done virtually nothing for her constituency - where she has never lived - except turn up for elections.

There's nothing new about any of this or forthcoming smears. It will all be promoted by bought-and-paid-for media editors, talking heads and bullshitters. Ultimately, the main centres for it lie in Vauxhall Cross and Langley. Do we really need to again list their culpability in corruption around the world?

Mark said...

In many ways we should thank Hodge because in sticking her head above the parapet here she's made it fully clear to all but the incredibly dense that this has nothing to do with a/s - it's about trying to unseat a twice democratically elected leader in an effort to keep her job for life. Now more than ever Labour needs to become truly democratic and reintroduce the reselection process. Speaking as someone from Liverpool, I'm staggered to hear Luciana Berger claim that she, as a Jew, feels unwelcome in the party. Really? The Liverpool Labour party hold the Holocaust memorial yearly, funded the new KD high school and are integral to the city. Enough with these lies and this nonsense - these MP's who have concerns about a/s simply do not want socialism.

Greg Bacon said...

And why is it so personal?

Vindictive is more like it. Hodge exemplifies the worst of Zionist Jews and spoiled brats; they think the world owes them something and you damn well better get on your knees and apologize, plus lavish praise and money on her kind or they'll throw more hissy fits.

Keep it up Margie. The last fund raising drive Labour had beat the previous record. Methinks Brits want their nation back and not dictated to by people who think they are better than everyone else.