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Thursday 27 September 2018

Tommy Robinson Trial Farce Continues

This morning, with around 300 of his supporters looking on, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, arrived at the Old Bailey for the retrial of his alleged contempt of court in Leeds earlier this year. After making a number of allegations against several real journalists, and claiming that his trial was a political one, Lennon went into the court building and proceedings could begin.
Sadly, there was to be no result today, as Andy Hughes of Sky News explained: “BREAKING: The case of Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson, has been adjourned because the defence has asked for more time to submit legal arguments. Next hearing in a few weeks time”. It was his own legal team’s request for more time that precipitated the adjournment. But soon the Lennon propaganda machine told otherwise.
Lennon’s Facebook page soon made sure his followers had the story he wanted them to have. “Because Tommy was not pleading guilty the prosecution raised a concern that his testimony would breach a reporting restriction which is still in place on another trial. Tommy's legal team also informed the judge that the establishment have not followed the correct procedures again for this trail! So now the trial has been adjourned until the 23rd October. Surely the establishment were aware of the other trial before they set this court date!” In the retelling, it was, as usual, someone else’s fault.
And his followers should listen only to him: “MSM are LYING again, just to be clear Tommy's legal team are ready for the trial, the establishment did not follow the correct process again which was pointed out and the Crown prosecution service did not want Tommy's testimony to impact another ongoing trial.” Don’t listen to the MSM!

So why was the dastardly establishment doing this to poor Tommy? “This is all just to mess with Tommy's head, increase his costs and continue to persecute him. This entire case is a joke and should be thrown out. There is about 1500 people outside court and maybe they think there will be less if they put it back. There will be more, as people can see how political and corrupt this prosecution is!
The alternative reality which many of Lennon’s fans inhabit was also on view outside the court, where Lizzie Dearden of the Independent told “A few minutes ago there was a conformation between a woman holding a placard listing the laws that Tommy Robinson has broken in the past and his supporters They ripped the placard out of her hands and started shouting at her before she was surrounded by police”.

What was that about “free speech”? The unfortunate young woman was asked “If you had a daughter and she was raped, how would you feel?”, then called a “Holocaust denier” [!], told about “Muslim rape gangs”, and told to “Go home”. She had been doing no more than holding a placard showing factual information.
So the circus of victimhood rolls on, with Lennon raking in the money from his willing and easily led devotees, towards his return court date next month.

Meanwhile, all who want to see what this is about know that it has nothing to do with free speech, and everything to do with Lennon promoting Himself. No change there, then.
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AndyC said...

It seems a supporter did a bit of filming of Robinson in the building, not the court itself, and has posted it on social media, in blatant contravention of the law prohibiting such activities. I hear that Hopkins may have retweeted it. The cells are going to be very full.

Anonymous said...

Go on "Tommy".

Make our day.

nparker said...

Well done that woman. A heroic figure among a throng of bigoted fools, thugs, fascists and lawbreakers.