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Saturday 8 September 2018

Boris Blonde - GIVE US THE NAME

Once again, the tabloid press is fixated on the extra-curricular activities of London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, now revealing more about a recent affair in which he was embroiled, not that they all knew it beforehand and have only coughed it out now that Bozza is to divorce, you understand.
The press has today effectively admitted knowing about Bozza and the allegedly “mystery blonde” since last February. But my information is that this affair has been going on for a while before that. And the press knew about it. But Bozza was their man - a fellow journalist - and they wanted to see him in 10 Downing Street.

Thus the piss-poor standards of our free and fearless press. And it gets worse: they all know who the “blonde Tory aide” is, but none of them are prepared to name her. Instead, we get the Mail telling of the affairOne of these trysts took place on Valentine's Day when he wined and dined the blonde at lunch time … The pair were spotted in the cosy corner of the exclusive Rules in Covent Garden, London, and spent around two hours together”.

Do go on. “The aide was described as a young, vivacious and stunning blonde who regularly posts glamorous photos of herself online … But she took down her Instagram account yesterday”. Really? I thought she’d just taken it private. But life comes at you fast when the press pack is after you. She’s also delated her Facebook account.
And then the Mail confirms they all know who the allegedly mystery blonde is: “She lives with her mother, who would not open the door yesterday”. Nice trip out of town for the hacks sent to bang on that door, then. But still no names.

The Murdoch Sun talks ofa ­glamorous aide … young blonde woman”, and then tells “Rumours of a fling between Johnson and the blonde aide gripped Westminster as The Sun’s revelations about him were confirmed … Insiders said his fling with the aide had been an ‘open secret’ among some government advisers and No10 staff”. Soil the bed, it’s an “open secret” here in Crewe, and has been for months.

Moreover, the Sun also knows who she is: “Neither Mr Johnson nor the Tory aide returned calls yesterday”. So their hacks didn’t get a trip out of town, but had to remain in the Baby Shard bunker and use the phone. But enough of driving it around the houses.
It should be clear by now that the “mystery blonde” is a Tory aide, but she is not Bozza’s aide. It should also be clear that Bozza is old enough to be her father. So why is the press so coy on naming her? Perhaps for the same reason I’m not naming her.

There are, it is understood, legal reasons for not doing so. Also, the press, who are not always given to complying with such things, and could stand the costs from concluding “oh stuff it” and naming the name, may be saving it up for the Sundays.

It’s almost as if there were some kind of agreement in place to prevent the name coming out - to stop the disclosure, as it were. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

Any chance this is related to the not at all unpleasant Tory madrassa lot?

Arnold said...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't give a solid brass shit what fatso does between the sheets.

Except to say in a very quick pass - Anyone, man or woman, who wants to be skewered by that greasy lump of lard should seek counselling. Urgently.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Was it when Bob Edwards was editing the (still Beaverbrook) Daily Express?

Two apparently unconnected stories were run in parallel columns on the front page: one was about Profumo, the others involved a mysteriously-missing 'witness' in a small-time gun trial. The link was illustrated by a barely-clad Christine Keeler.

There's more than one way to skin a cat.

By the way, did I read that Philip Davies MP might be a useful source here?

Too many questions.

Nathan deGargoyle said...

When I heard Bozo was having an affair with a mystery blonde I just assumed the blonde was Boris Johnson. Greater love hath no man than this that he lay down his country for his career.

Unknown said...

So tempting to post: whoever 'she' is, the ridicule and pillorying is earned. Our disgusting press though is something that no-one's earned....

Anonymous said...

She's named in tomorrow's Mail on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Power is a remarkable aphrodisiac – might it be that she was attracted to the stench of his authority rather than his unfortunate personality?
And the media took it upon themselves to have a quiet word with him that they wouldn’t say anything about his infidelity, again, as long as he did their bidding?
Yet when he is now in a position where he has no power unless he draws attention to himself, the media has to encourage (pointed sticks, half Nelsons, a roped ring through his nose, that sort of encouragement) him to be their man, their hope for the future?
And the blonde – the other blonde, gullible female rather than male tosser – is she still in the picture, or has she walked away from the floppy haired self abuser?