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Wednesday 19 September 2018

Anti-Muslim Hate Crime AGAIN

It was only last week that the Independent reportedThe number of white suspected terrorists being arrested in the UK has overtaken those of Asian appearance for the first time in more than a decade … Statistics released by the Home Office show an overall fall in terror arrests of 22 per cent in the year, with 351 made in the 12 months to the end of June”. So last night’s incident in North London should have surprised no-one.
As the BBC has reported, “Three men were hurt when a car struck several people outside a north London Islamic centre, police said … Witnesses described hearing the driver ‘shouting anti-Islamic taunts’ in the incident at the Muslim prayer centre in Cricklewood … Two men were taken to hospital following the incident at about 00:35 BST. The driver failed to stop … It happened at the Al-majlis Al-Hussaini centre at the junction of Oxgate Lane and Edgware Road”. But the Met is not yet calling this a terrorist incident.

The Evening Standard has addedThe occupants of the car - three males and a woman all aged in their mid-20s - had earlier been asked to leave a private car park where they were reportedly drinking, using drugs and behaving anti-socially … Visitors to the Al-majlis Al-Hussaini Islamic centre then became involved in a confrontation with those in the car, during which they allegedly made racist remarks”.

The car, a red Nissan Juke, was apparently slightly damaged during the confrontation with the crowd outside the Islamic centre. This may make identification easier. Also helping get this to a wider audience has been the indefatigable Miqdaad Versi of the Muslim Council of Britain, who has shared this first-and account from Ali Salman.

The car (red Nissan Juke) came flying towards us, my third friend was behind us and I don’t know how he managed to jump out of the way, as the car missed us it he then turned towards another group of men on the other side roughly 20 metres away from us and drove into them full force, we then all started chasing the car down the hill and the car was trying to run over more people and was swerving in groups of people”. There was more.
Thankfully, everyone started dispersing and only one other person got run over, it could have been much worse with the number of people that was there, and the driver was swerving into people trying to run over as many people as possible. We [were] all in a huge shock and could not believe how close we came to death, literally milliseconds away from being run over full force by a raging terrorist”.

Ali Salman also mentions “the security guys” in his Facebook post. Much has been written recently about how people like MPs need extra security - well, here is the reality for North London’s Muslim communities.  The capital’s Jewish communities routinely post security guards at Synagogues, and no doubt other religious groups do too. Moreover, this incident has shades of Darren Osborne’s attack in Finsbury Park.

Yet our free and fearless press keeps on peddling the now discredited claim that terrorism is something only Muslims do, and hate crime is just more of that “PC gone mad” that distracts the Police from pursuing all those Real Criminals™.

Last night’s incident was where press hate speech leads. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

Any day now corporate media is going to promote Two Minutes Hate.

It's the logical conclusion to the disgusting muck they peddle now.

Beyond that lies concentration camps and mass murder. The former are already here in the embryonic shape of "holding camps" to imprison Cameron's "swarms" in a "hostile environment".

Anonymous said...

So this is where hate speech leads? So using this logic the Koran leads to muslims mowing down and killing people on the streets of London. Care to say the same about the Koran, no thought not. Looking at your blog this is all one way, pro-islam.