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Monday 10 September 2018

Katie Hopkins Welsh Language Fail

Taking a break from going after Scary Muslims™, but still needing to find ways of generating More And Bigger Paycheques For The Benefit Of Herself Personally Now, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has decided to pick on Welsh people, or more specifically, Welsh speakers and Welsh language education. But, as with so many of her recent publicity attempts, her latest campaign has developed not necessarily to her advantage.
Viewers may still want to look away now
Hatey Katie’s premise - or perhaps that should be called prejudice - is that mandatory Welsh language education is A Very Bad Thing. She also has a bee in her bonnet about the possibility that some schools in Wales might prevent pupils from speaking English (they don’t). Plus she thinks this causes more home schooling.
After she proclaimed “CALLING PARENTS OF WALES: Re Mandatory Welsh Medium Education. Is English banned as a medium of conversation in your child’s school classroom? Has your child been impacted? Are you a home educator in Ceredigion?” the adverse comment was not long in arriving, and in force.
Colin Williams had his “Anti-Welsh Bigot Bingo” card ready: “already ticked off two”. Vaughan Williams (now there’s a grand name) from Caergybi replied “The children I've taught for 11 years have been impacted. Being bilingual they have great cognative skills, they find learning a 3rd language easier, they have a valued skill for employers, they'll be less likely to develop Alzheimers and unlike you they are more open minded”. Boom!
She fared no better with Eirian Williams: “GCSE English language results in Wales tend to be better in Welsh-medium schools than in English-medium schools. Enough said. Diolch yn fawr”. And João Morais from Caerdydd put her straight on the English v Welsh argument: “But following your own logic here I guess that If you aren't learning Welsh in Welsh-speaking Wales, you aren't trying to integrate, you're trying to colonise it”. Ouch!
On that note, Stephen Townley from Gogledd Cymru was yet more forceful: “Is this a joke? Do we criticise the French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Flemish, Greek etc. For teaching in their native tongue???? This is wales and our language is #WELSH”.
As Sir Sean almost said, I think we got the point. But was Ms Hopkins downhearted? Sadly not. Indeed, she then suggested sitting down for “a cuppa and a chat”, which would be pointless because she wouldn’t be listening. But remember, folks, “If I only wanted one opinion I’d sit at home and google stuff. Like the ‘real journalists’ in London. I am in Wales to hear all sides of the story”. Except that’s not quite true, is it?
Because she then snarked “Thank you to everyone getting in touch to explain why Welsh-medium education is world leading” (they hadn’t), with her supporting evidence being the result of, er, sitting at home and Googling stuff.

So she’s a hypocrite as well as an unreconstructed racist bigot. No change there, then.
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Anonymous said...

Give it time.

She'll turn out in a black SS uniform. At which point men in white coats will appear to help her into a hurry-up car.

Let me guess - What's next, Scottish or Irish Gaelic? Or even Geordie or Yamyam Midlands?

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Pity someone can't 'impact' Ms Hopkins. 'Cuppa and a chat'. For fuck's sake.........

Pavi said...

Perhaps her IMPACTED FACEASES has affected her brain?
Whatever is left of it that is.

Jonathan said...

I am English, I love the Welsh and Scottish Gaeleic, I may not understand it, but appreciate its Grace and beauty unlike the bigoted Ms Hopkins'rather limited beliefs.