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Saturday 8 September 2018

For Britain Man’s Social Club Ban

It can be a long way down from the heights of being leader of Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council, a one time prospective Parliamentary candidate, and later deputy leader of Cheshire East Council. But for Brian Silvester, who jumped from the Tory Party before they pushed him over his conviction for those potentially fire-trap bedsits in Shavington that he and his brother rented, it is a road that he must travel.
After his departure from The Blue Team, Brian fetched up at UKIP, along, no doubt, with many other former Tories. But even the Kippers were not wacko enough for him, and so it came to pass that he moved on to For Britain, the new party set up by Anne Marie Waters after she failed to secure the UKIP leadership and took her bat home.

This was a much more appropriate berth for Silvester, who is so desperate for attention that he is prepared to latch on to a minor school dispute involving some Slovakian families to stir up the locals and spread a little hatred (the (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch made an even bigger idiot of herself than usual by misreading “Slovakians” as “Slovenians”. We don’t have any Slovenian residents in Crewe).
Still, there was always the opportunity for Silvester to play host to his new party leader. And so it came to pass that he booked a room at the Willaston Sports and Social Club; this, I’m told, had been reserved for a “private event”. Ms Waters duly turned up, Silvester was snapped alongside her outside the club, and the meeting then took place.

Accounts of what then happened vary. While one Zelo Street source puts it thus: “[Silvester] was banned from Willaston Social Club recently by the landlady because of his anti-Islamic rants during his ‘for Cheshire’ meeting there”, another simply says “Word is [that] the room was booked as some private event, and once the manager realised what was going on Silvester [has] now [been] banned”.
Brian Silvester

Either way, it seems Willaston Sports and Social Club is now one of those “No-go zones” for For Britain, but not for the kinds of reasons that the party likes to rant about. Worse for Silvester, it cannot be long before news of his ban percolates through the licensed trade - including to the licensee of the Sydney Arms. Why should this pub be relevant?

Ah well. It seems that when Silvester was still in UKIP, he hired a room there for meetings. One guest I’ve been told about was disgraced former Tory MP Neil Hamilton.
Silvester with his party leader - before he got barred

But what is most encouraging about Anne Marie Waters’ trip to Crewe and Nantwich is that this is one area where the far right is not popular, and indeed apparently not wanted. The area has a small Muslim population, but they, like the small Afro-Caribbean population, and all the various mainland European populations (from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Greece and elsewhere), get along just fine with the locals.

They even tolerate refugees from Yorkshire. Shove off, bigots, you’re not welcome.
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Anonymous said...

Doubtless said spiv will be titled a "creator of wealth" and an "entrepreneur" by the tories and New Labour.

In short, he's all my arse.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Someone at the New Party didn't do their homework before choosing that logo. To anyone other than a thick neo-fascist the message seems to be: MASERATI FOR BRITAIN

(Though Maserati is now owned by Fiat and the Agnelli family did have a dodgy history vis-à-vis Italian fascism. Maybe it's a subtle (unlikely!) homage to Il Duce, as Neil Hamilton probably likes Christine to call him in bed).

SteveB said...

what's the world coming to when you think back to Neil Hamilton and he seems normal in comparison!!!

Or look at the man who forced the "Prince of Darkness" out of the Cheshire East Tories, ex-leader Michael Jones. Now himself in political exile and disgrace, and under police investigation, he still looks like the good guy in their argument!