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Thursday 27 September 2018

Ezra Levant DOUBLE Contempt Of Court?

Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to score More And Bigger Self-Publicity Opportunities For Himself Personally Now, Rebel Media supremo Ezra Levant made sure he was there at the Old Bailey this morning as Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, turned up for his court appearance.
What's that, Officer? I'm what? Nicked? What's one of those?

Levant was quite full of himself and his own self-importance as he proclaimed “Tommy is telling @bbcdomc how other UK journalists in contempt of court are ignored by the establishment. He’s giving specific examples. He’s teaching them their business, since they don’t know it, or pretend that they don’t”. Yeah, right.
And there was more. After Emma Kennedy correctly told “Adjourned at defence’s request. They say they’re not ready. This is quite surprising”, Levant, who has suddenly become more knowledgeable about English Law than everyone else put together, snapped “Don’t lie on Twitter”, thus precipitating a pile-on from the Wall Of Gammon™ who, as if in well-rehearsed chorus, called “liar” on Ms Kennedy repeatedly.
Duly emboldened, he responded to Ross McCafferty’s observation that some of Lennon’s supporters outside the Old Bailey were giving Nazi salutes with “Don't lie on Twitter. There were hundreds of cell phone cameras filming every person, every minute. Prove it, or retract”. I rather suspect McCafferty will be telling him to shove his suggestion.
But on he droned. “The media are ALREADY LYING. They are saying a Tommy has requested the delay ordered today. That is exactly WHAT DID NOT HAPPEN. The judge has delayed it. The only conversation in court referred to what date all lawyers could make it. Tommy was ready for today … The judge wanted to adjourn the case. He also asked for further legal arguments. How can the MSM lie when they were literally in the court and heard what the judge said? It proves the importance of independent citizen journalists”.
Citizen journalists” my arse. In fact, such expertise in citizen journalism was being displayed by Levant that he then committed blatant contempt of court - twice. First he posted a video, clearly taken from within the building, with the observation “I just peeked out a window at the crowd below - still close to a thousand strong! They saw me from the window, and started chanting, “Oh Tommy Tommy!
Then he got Lennon on video - this, as I type, is his Pinned Tweet - and commented “Tommy Robinson went to the window. The crowd cheered - and chanted, ‘we want Tommy out!’” Dominic Casciani, who had previously been slagged off by Levant, noted “One of Tommy Robinson's key supporters and funders, Ezra Levant, has posted a video of the activist inside the Old Bailey. You can't film within the precincts of a criminal court. I can't send the link - because I'd be in contempt of court for doing so”. Quite.
Viewers may still want to look away now

That’s why Zelo Street has posted neither link, nor video image. Casciani then added “The video has been retweeted by Katie Hopkins. Again, I cannot provide the link because (for those who wish to understand media law) that could be regarded as Contempt of Court and I don’t fancy an afternoon in the cells”. Was this right?
Link and video not included
Link and video not included

Sadly, it was: Hatey Katie had put her own comment on Levant’s video, telling her followers “Hugest hugs to all the proud patriots turning out to protest Establishment over-reach & hounding of #TommyRobinson - good work capturing a brilliantly British moment @ezralevant”. And thus the contempt of court was spread yet further and wider.
Link and video not included

And for all those needing a second opinion, Patrick Smith of BuzzFeed News confirmed “A Tommy Robinson supporter has posted a 36-second video of him inside the Old Bailey building – strictly prohibited by S41 of the Criminal Justice Act 1925; possible £1k fine. No photography allowed in courtroom or within ‘the precincts’ of the court”.
All of which leads the the conclusion that Levant, who spent so much time today throwing his weight about on Twitter, lecturing the hated MSM about journalism, might be best advised shooting his mouth off a little less - and learning about journalism a little more.

One can only hope the Attorney General is looking in. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Unknown said...

Katie Hopkins sickens me to angst.....Same individual that on expressing her dislike for hipster kids names such as Chelsea , sky etc, was then ask why her child's name was India...... Only fools hate.

Sam Best said...

Robinson clearly participated in the filming. His lawyers surely must have advised him about Contempt. This must be brought to the prosecution's attention and the Court's. It goes to the heart of Robinson's deliberate flouting of the law.

Andy McDonald said...

I can only assume now that he wants to be sent back down.

T.S. Eliot had it right - there's something so attractive about being a martyr.

nparker said...

These people are not 'British' as Katie Flopkins calls them. They have none of the British values. Whatsoever.

They just can't help breaking the law, can they? Should be more than a fine.

Anonymous said...

Same old, same old.

British hypocritical "patriotism" is second only to Yank hypocritical "petriotism".

No wonder it breeds nutjobs like Hopkins and "Tommy". And the cowardly jobsworths and disinformation clerks in corporate media. Scoundrels the lot of them.

Jonathan said...

Seems Hatey Katey may possibly be on comotemt of court by sharing the video.

Seems Hatey Katey loves the attention just like Tommy boy.

Anonymous said...

Shame Zelo Street didn't attend court and report at first hand.