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Sunday 9 September 2018

Tommy Robinson Linked To FOUR More Murders?

As the Guardian reported last month, “Canadian police have charged a man for the deaths of two police officers and two civilians, the latest incident in an eruption of gun violence that has prompted calls for weapons bans … Police in the eastern city of Fredericton, New Brunswick, said on Saturday that Matthew Vincent Raymond, 48, was arrested and charged with four counts of first-degree murder”.
The article went on to tell readers “No motive has been disclosed so far”. But then a blogger from Fredericton realised he had video of the accused man. “A new video has surfaced of Matthew Vincent Raymond, the man accused of firing the shots that killed two Fredericton police officers and two civilians on Aug. 10 … Fredericton blogger Charles LeBlanc knew Raymond only as ‘Matt’ and said he did not realize until a few days ago that he had recorded him last year”. LeBlanc’s video is most revealing.

The video spans seven and a half minutes, and in it LeBlanc challenges Raymond by asking where he got his news, and whether he was on any drugs. Raymond says he gets his news from ‘the Internet’ … ‘Duh, where? Where from? Are you afraid to say where from? What made you so upset?’ LeBlanc says in the video … To which Raymond replies: ‘I don't go with every bit of info. They talk about the borders and stuff. And they talk about it on Rebel Media.’” LeBlanc then saw Raymond some time later.
About a week before the shooting, LeBlanc said he saw Raymond at a local coffee shop where ‘lately he would just sit down and just focus straight ahead, he didn't move for about an hour … There, in that video, he was laughing, he was talking away. But when I saw him a week before the tragedy, when I was talking to him and took his picture, I'm telling you, this guy was different’”. Shades of Darren Osborne, the Finsbury Park attacker.
Which brings us to one more nugget of information: Raymond also mentions one other source in his exchange with LeBlanc. He says, after asserting that “they talk about it on Rebel Media”, that a man here in the UK has been talking about the same subject. Who is the bloke here in Britain who contributed to Rebel Media?
Jonathan Goldsbie asked himself that question, sharing his thoughts with his followers. “New Brunswick man charged with murdering two police officers and two civilians last month said he got his news from Rebel Media … In this June 2017 clip, he specifically cites videos by Faith Goldy and seems to be referencing others by Tommy Robinson … I believes this brings to five the total number of murders attributed to fans of The Rebel”.
Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, will no doubt deny any influence on Raymond, and will denounce anyone suggesting thus as a liar. What the accused man did will be down to someone else. But if Raymond takes the stand and says that Lennon influenced him, explaining it all away will become rather more difficult.
After all, it became difficult for Lennon to brush it off when Darren Osborne was put on trial. When it comes to four people being murdered, including two Police officers, it may be beyond mere difficulty for the former EDL head man.

Actions have consequences, and especially hate speech. That is all.
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Arnold said...

To be fair, Robin Hood killed people.

"Ukip to debate inviting Tommy Robinson to join the party, comparing him to giants of the past like Robin Hood, the Suffragettes (Emily Pankhurst was an early Kipper) & even Nigel Farage"

Anonymous said...

The answer is no, otherwise using your logic the Koran and the people who teach it will have to be responsible for murders carried out in the name of islam.

Anonymous said...

Strange logic from Anon above.
Those who misuse the Koran to kill and maim are blamed for their actions not the religion. Just as those who misuse the Bible likewise. Plenty of them in the USA such as the late Billy Graham who counseled various presidents that invading nations like Vietnam and Iraq and slaughtering the civilians was "God's work".

Likewise, outfits like Rebel Media who promote lies about almost anything- Socialism, Labour Party, Barack Obama, Democrats (while praising Donald Trumps for tossing millions of health care) are responsible for their actions and that includes "Tommy Robinson" just as Alex Jones is responsible for horrendous abuse the parents of Sandy Hook receive and promoting @pizzagate to the point some fool walks in firing a rifle (recall Jones settled a lawsuit with the pizza restaurant owner)
Same same Daily Mail, The Sun etc etc ad infinitum.

Anonymous said...

What a load of bull,journalism,haha