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Friday 28 September 2018

Julia Hartley Dooda Hate Crime Fib BUSTED

This year’s Labour Party Conference may be over, but one side issue from the event in Liverpool continues to rumble on, namely the sneering trivialisation of the Conference’s allocation of a “Safe Space” for those who have conditions such as ASD. This stunt was another exercise in uncaring ignorance by numbingly tedious TalkRADIO host and self-promotion specialist supreme Julia Hartley Brewer.
We know who you are, thanks

After Ms Hartley Dooda had been subjected to severely adverse comment for her loud and inconsiderate behaviour, she decided not to apologise - perish the thought! - but instead told her adoring followers “I’m told that this ‘safe space’ at Labour conference is meant for people with autism & other disabilities. The sign doesn’t say that. For the avoidance of any doubt, there was no intention to upset disabled people, but every intention to upset snowflakes. Hope that clarifies”. She’s all heart. Or maybe not.
But now, Disability News Service has toldDisabled party members are calling on Labour to ban a prominent right-wing journalist from future events after she posted a video on social media mocking the provision of a ‘safe space’ used by disabled people at this week’s party conference”. Also, one party member “said she was now set to report the incident to the police as a potential disability hate crime”.
She had not, however, made such a report. But the mere prospect was enough to trigger Ms Hartley Dooda’s victimhood complex. “So apparently I’m being reported to the police for a hate crime for posting a joke about ‘safe spaces’ on Twitter. This is the country we live in now, folks”. The country where so-called journalists fail to do their research.
So it was that the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines, another not known for checking his facts, responded “FFS”. Former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, also not too hot on bothering to do research, harrumphed “How ridiculous. #TheWorldsGoneNuts”. And Jeremy Vine complained “Madness. Terrible to waste police time with this”. All that BBC training and he couldn’t be arsed with a little research, either.
It got worse. Claire Fox went totally OTT with “Malicious & joyless reaction. But also scary. Like being snitched on the Stasi”. The STASI? But the pièce de résistance came from the collective idiocy at Spiked: “This is Kafkaesque: @JuliaHB1 reported to the cops for hate crime because she criticised "safe spaces" at the Labour conference. This is the attempted criminalisation of speech. Of ideas. Of criticism. Everyone who believes in freedom of thought should offer support to @JuliaHB1”. She hasn’t been reported to the cops.
It was left to Mark Wallace at Conservative Home to support Ms Hartley Dooda, but get his facts right too: “It’s completely ridiculous that someone reportedly now plans to report @JuliaHB1 to the *police* over that video”. Plans to report. You know something is badly wrong when an alumnus of the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance is the one getting it right.
Julia Hartley Dooda verged on the dishonest just to play the victim; this was bad enough, but all those supposed journalists going wrong in her wake was just unforgivable.
And they wonder why so many people don’t trust them. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Roy said...

You're splitting hairs, Tim

The very fact that some numb-nuts *claimed* to be *thinking* of reporting J H-B's insensitive sneer (her USP, on which I've tried to call her out on Twitter a handful of times; not that she cares but it amuses me) to the cops is actually reason enough to have a tweet about it.

After all, what's Twitter for if not the elevation of the trivial to the alleged world shattering?

Rich M said...

Doesn't take much to trigger our metropolitan village media elite snowflakes perhaps?

Jonathan said...

Let's have a safe space for all journalists of the MSM, who the large majority are unable or unwilling to do the most basic task of their discredited profession fact checking and simple research.

But hey ho, can't let simple facts get in the way of whipping up the Motley Crue of alt right zombies and clowns over at the BBC.

Unknown said...

I can't stand Dooda but even threatening to report her to the police over this is a stupid move.

It's counter productive, nothing but Daily Mail fuel. Stuff like this turns moderate, centre ground people against the left.

Anonymous said...

She's as crackpot as the Daily Heil and the Scum.

So what's noo?

Mark said...

These 'journalists' seem as touchy as the snowflakes they believe they're baiting don't they?

Incidentally, can anyone explain to me the point of Jeremy Vine? Tedious middle class talentless arsehole who genuinely seems to think he's a serious newsman who had a raw deal on Newsnight because Paxo was more popular. Now he's found his level, taking over from Matthew Wright. I read an interview with him about it that seemed to suggest he hadn't the faintest notion of how live TV works because he said it was incredible how he could be watching his friend Tracy Ann Oberman on there, texted her to say that and her mobile went off during the broadcast!

Anonymous said...

I have not fully understood the concept of using the term 'snowflake' as a term of abuse: get enough snowflakes together and the entire country grinds to a halt and the press moans about the transportation system not being fit for purpose.

Is that what the right wingers are whining about?

Anonymous said...

And you want to be taken seriously? This is beyond parody, beyond absurd, beyond 1984, where will it end?