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Thursday 20 September 2018

Tommy Robinson Is Ready To Die

As the time draws near for Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, to face a retrial for alleged contempt of court over his visit to Leeds, realisation has hit home that this could entail his going back to jail. As a result, there has been an outpouring of victimhood, which is always good for getting the crowdfunder numbers moving.
So it was that Lennon’s Facebook page included this gem recently: “The fact that this contempt of court case against Tommy is at the Old Bailey (big terror trials and high profile murders usually) shows just how politically motivated this all is. They want him silenced and they have already shown that they will break rules in order to do just that. They never expected the reaction that would follow”. Inventing politically motivated trials.

But the real pièce de résistance has been an appearance via Skype by Lennon for the irredeemably batshit Alex Jones and his InfoWars propaganda machine. Here, Jones claims that “Muslim men” have organised into “rape groups” who target girls at the rate of “a thousand a town”. He talks of “the paedophilia of the UK” and says this is “the religion of the elite over there”. If brains were TNT, he wouldn’t have enough to blow his head off.

Jones then tells Lennon “they want to kill you”. So it should come as no surprise that Lennon then tells that his retrial is because “I was talking on my iPhone about Muslim men raping children”. He also claims misleadingly that “the court case had finished”. But then we get to his retrial. Lennon suggests that he is not going to “walk into court, say sorry and plead guilty”. This would be “meeting the Government half way”.
Was he afraid of what he was doing? “I don’t fear that, cos that’s the truth … the inevitable outcome of this path, which I have chosen … I wrote a letter to my wife when I was in prison explaining all of this, to say I’m not in this position through anything other than choice. I know what I’m doing. I’m not their victim, I’m their target, and I’m not going to wallow in self-pity about a situation that is nothing in comparison to what many other people go through”. And then comes the righteousness.

The other judgment to make is … are we morally right? And if I’m morally right, I’ll do anything [there’s a legal get-out clause for you]. I will go anywhere, and I will not care about the consequences of the problems I’m talking about if I’m morally right”. One can only imagine the expressions on the faces of some of Lennon’s recent targets.

There was more. “Once you go past that as a moral compass, what we’re doing is trying to save the future of our culture [so not just crusading against grooming gangs, then], our children, our country, our history … it’s nothing, what I’ve been through.”

He wasn’t finished. “We are a generation of cowards, born in an era where … and I also take huge satisfaction that so many people have been brought off of the fence. Watch what happened - this last arrest … I’d like to say a huge thank you to Judge Marson who put me in prison, because he has red pilled more people than anyone I’ve ever met”.
So it really is about the publicity, then. “He’s been the most successful in bringing people to our cause. We’re right. We’re telling the truth. It’s a moral battle that we can’t afford to lose”. But this does not guarantee his freedom.

I think next Thursday I’ll go back to prison, and I just want people to know that”. Why, Jones asked, did he believe that? “I sat down with my wife, I explained to her the situation I’m in, and I said look … I just can’t do it … I can’t do it … I don’t accept it [apologising for any contempt] … I don’t accept that anything I said could have prejudiced that trial … tell me why there’s that [reporting] restriction”. So he’s not going to apologise.

Clearly, Lennon has made the calculation that going to jail again is going to be good for business. He gets the opportunity to accept he was in contempt and apologise, he refuses, and thereby gets sent down. He clearly said that being sent down by the judge in Leeds was good for his cause. So he’s looking to do another stretch, starting next week.

And he’s ready todie for the truth”. What a martyr. What a trooper. What a con artist.
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Anonymous said...

Soon to be an incarcerated con artist.

It's all beginning to sound a bit like Mein Kampf without the humour.

Stephen said...

He wouldn't recognise a moral compass if one was used to jab him in the eye, pleading guilty in the hope of getting the sentence reduced and still wallowing in it.

And, "Red Pilled"? A motif from a 20 year old film that was 40 years out of date even then; but how old is he, to take that kind of thing seriously - eight?

Anonymous said...

Presumably his law team has decided that there is no way they can keep him from being (rightly) locked up again, so he has decided to put a spin on it and hold himself up as a martyr.

If ‘they’ were out to get him when inside then surely there would have been attempts when he was locked up previously; there can’t have been any unsuccessful assassinations attempts since no matter how hard the authorities tried such news would have leaked out by now – plus that would be too much solid gold proof for him to keep quiet about.

Funny how he hasn’t tried seeking political asylum in the Ecuadorean embassy yet...

jonathan maxwell said...

Why didn't you debate him in person? Is it because you are too cowardly! Genuine question

Unknown said...

I'd debate hit with him in person anytime, anywhere and I would not care if there were 500 of his DFLA thugs around him...His veil is starting to slip, as highlighted in this piece. His relationships with Sellner and various others blow the gaffe completely on his claims not to be 'racist'....

Rivo said...

Had his re-trial been scheduled for a smaller court than the Old Bailey, no doubt he and his accomplices would be claiming the government were trying to hush him up.

His Info Wars grand-standing also reveals exactly why this sort of bullshit is so insidious and wh so many are so eager to lap it up. As the saying goes, every villain is the hero of their own story, and all his bullshit helps people paint their hatred with a veneer of heroism, after all, protecting vulnerable children from roaming paedophiles sounds so much better than kicking the shit out of some guy for having dark skin and a funny beard.

nparker said...

Strangely, Jonathan, people don't tend to just randomly turn up in public to debate with any old weirdo. Are you so out of touch that you think this is how the world outside your basement works?

No one is required to debate someone who can't make a coherent point to save their life, like Robinson. Sometimes, people just aren't worth giving the time of day, like bigoted scum Robinson.