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Monday 24 September 2018

Julia Hartley Dooda Mental Health Smear

The ability of the Pundit Establishment’s less knowledgeable members to pretend that they know everything about everything, only for them to come up short once again, knows no bounds. And one pundit who consistently shows she knows rather less than she likes to pretend is self-promotion artist Julia Hartley Brewer of Murdoch outlet TalkRADIO, now firmly established as the Waitrose Katie Hopkins.
We know who you are, thanks
While waiting for that all-important letter from the taxman to arrive, Ms Hartley Dooda discovered something called a “Safe Space” at the Labour Party Conference, and so immediately set about mocking it, rather than engaging brain and finding out why it had been provided. From there it all went, predictably, downhill.
She showed the “Safe Space” to the world, taking the time to put out a brief video of her occupying the space, to the clear detriment of anyone needing to use it (the shock of encountering Ms Hartley Dooda in a safe space could have been seriously traumatic). “Comrades, if you’re feeling triggered at the Labour Party conference, don’t worry, we’ve found the official #SafeSpace... #Lab2018” she trilled. Laugh? I thought I’d never start.
John Hill was not impressed. “Oh piss off! And this is from an ACTUAL Autistic person! We are protected by something called the Equality Act. You’re protected by wealth and entitlement, so away with you!!!” Julia doesn’t encounter autism, though.
So she probably thinks it’s not really there. One Labour Party member was even less impressed: “The safe space at the conference is for people attending who suffer from Autism to get away from the large crowds you absolute fucking parcel”. There was more.
Dave Evans asked “It's for people with autism who struggle with crowds. You're comfortable mocking people with autism? Does your employer think this is ok?”.
Well, her employer is Rupert Murdoch, so probably not. In any case, Ms Hartley Dooda had decided to double down on her lack of respect: “Get a grip, snowflakes”.
One Tweeter attempted to reason with her and make her more knowledgeable: “Hi Julia, seeing as you don't seem to understand why safe spaces exist, you should really check out @scope and @MindCharity to find out what they are before deciding to openly mock them”. But although she might have heard the message, she wasn’t listening.
April Preston showed that disgust at Ms Hartley Dooda was a cross-party matter (she’s a Lib Dem): “You’re either deliberately confusing safe spaces and university no-platforming discourse or you have no knowledge on such a complex sex of symptoms. As a ASD carer I stand with labour on this and hope you never have to use one. Shame on you”.
And David Turner simply added “As a father of a child with Aspergers I well understand the concept of ‘safe space’. This is the kind of tweet I would expect from Katie Hopkins. Shame on you JHB”. There was plenty more in the same vein.
The one thing you have to understand about Julia Hartley Dooda is that Julia Hartley Dooda doesn’t understand. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

A very silly woman with a very small head makes a very silly statement.

Quelle surprise.

Jonathan said...

A very privileged and rich woman with little intelligence or to do the most basic skills of a journalist namely research and fact checking.

Sadly for the overwhelming majority of the rightwing pundits doing the basics of their job is just too strenuous, just make up copy and submit.
Who cares if its libelous, false or has more holes in it than Maybot's Chequers plan.

Neil said...

Best comment on her tweet thread was simply this: 'Waitrose Hopkins'.


I love the smell of succinct first thing in the morning.

rob said...

My mother said you should not mock the afflicted.

So why is everybody mocking poor Julia with the Murdoch anti left of centre syndrome with added disinformation disease?

They'll all be going for Staines and Cole next! Or that poor old Shrewsbury MP who doesn't know his tariffs from his quotas. Straight up bananas.

It's not fair!

But funny.

nparker said...

Everyone with a home has a safe space. Everyone. Would Julia like it if I broke into her house, and stood filming the room she usually feels safest in? No? Then she should fuck off out of anyone else's safe spaces.

People like her exist merely to harm and sometimes traumatise other people. They exist to cause misery for their own sick ends. How dare someone invade a safe space for vulnerable, possibly traumatised and/or PTSD-suffering people and mock it?

It should go straight to the authorities, frankly.

Go away, Hartley-Brewer, you're a worthless disgrace.

Gayle said...

Seen people on twitter defending her and mocking people with disabilities who complain and going on about freedom of speech and that it's only a joke and to get over it.
Seems that people can be obnoxious bullies and claim it's only a joke and it's freedom of speech.
Of course when it's them on the recieving end then it's completely different.