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Friday 14 September 2018

Racist Bigot BANNED By Twitter

Those out there on the far right are in a sombre mood this morning, as yet another of the fringe idiocy has been removed from Twitter, to the great relief of most users of that platform who wished it had happened rather earlier. This time, it is the earnest but utterly unhinged Anne Marie Waters, who took her bat home after failing to claim the UKIP leadership recently, and now heads her own outfit For Britain.
This party had already been facing irrelevance and possible extinction after the Kippers’ new leader Adolf von Batten yanked his party further to the right in an attempt to scoop up the Islamophobic vote and pander to the Wall Of Gammon™. With UKIP looking to corner the market for paranoia about Scary Muslims™, For Britain faces a bleak future.
News of the suspension came from Battersea bedroom dweller Paul Watson, who bleated “Ann [sic] Marie Waters, leader of anti-mass migration political party For Britain, has been suspended by Twitter. Looks like a permanent ban”. He was swiftly corrected: “Ann Marie Waters, unelected leader of anti-minority far right political party For Britain, who espouses the Eurabia conspiracy theory & who wants to control Muslim birthrates, has been suspended by Twitter. Looks like a permanent ban. Fixed it for you, Paul”.
From there began the outpouring of victimhood and paranoia. David Vance of utterly batshit Alt News Media harrumphed “The Twitter intolerance towards those who oppose intolerance grows louder in this echo chamber”, while Michael Barnbrook whined “Whether you agree with #AnneMarieWaters and her political views, does anybody on @twitter actually support their decision to ban the Leader of a registered political party in what is supposed to be a democracy. It is almost too frightening for words”. Wibble.
One For Britain member offered “Twitter is pathetic, there are loads of abusive account [sic] out there yet they suspend an account because they disagree with it politically? But yes allow the Muslim death threats to flow in without punishment”. One of Rebel Media’s finest added “Anne Marie Waters is suspended from twitter. They are trying to take down a political party in UK. They are doing anything they can”. “They”. Coming to get “Us”.
For Britain’s chairman suggested a reason for the ban: “Apparently @ForBritainParty leader @AMDWaters has been suspended from twitter for criticising South Yorkshire Police's priorities. We will of course challenge this decision that is clearly politicised censorship”. Yeah, right. And what was it about? “The free speech she was campaigning for has been silenced”. FREEZE PEACH! FREEZE PEACH!
The paranoia even extended to Adolf von Batten himself: “She has a legitimate right to speak. They silence her now who will they silence next? Small political parties have limited access to mass media and banning them from social media is political repression”. And another For Britain stalwart decided it was all about the T-Word. “@Twitter your banning of @AMDWaters is appalling. Suspending the truth is not a good look for you. And if the suspension is for what we believe it was, you have just censored the truth”.
THE TROOF. It’s all about THE TROOF. Except it isn’t: Ms Waters abused the Twitter T&Cs and was banned as a result. Just rejoice at that news.
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Ted Bangor said...

If only twitter would do the same for the No Wall Of Orange™
who breaks their T&C on a daily basis.

Still one is a leader of racists and the other is... oh!

Anonymous said...

In the "free market" of ideas ranting righties could set up their own twitterised site on the Dark Web, get the address out on the regulated version, and wait for the usual fruitloops to flock to it in "droves". Then they too could eliminate any account they thought "offensive".


New Labour could do the same......

So where's the beef, righties?

Anonymous said...

Another blow for free speech and free expression. Twitter should be all or nothing, otherwise it is a lie.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

First they came for the nutters.

Then they came for some more nutters.

Following that they came for additional nutters.

Subsequently they came for .....etc etc

Andy McDonald said...

Once again, a Twitter account is not an inalienable right.

J said...

Anonymous 11:13

They do, its called Gab... all the nazi's, loons, and assorted anti-Semites and Islamophobic nut jobs are on there. But - *giggles* - the rage and hate of the right doesn't seem to be able to keep the site active enough, so even the "big names" booted of twitter have given up on it. The free market, of which they put in so much faith, is saying: LoLz.

Anonymous said...

Think of it like a social club or something.

You are given the chance to read the rules when you join – and most of us don’t. Then you get in, use the facilities, participate. And when you break the rules and you are suspended, you usually point out that others were doing what you were doing, or worse, and yet they are not similarly suspended. And the ones in charge (or more likely others, gleefully!) point out that this is not a democracy, it is a business – you broke their rules and they have the right to take away their ball.

Why is it that those claiming to be against intolerance by being intolerant seem to believe that they own social media?

Anonymous said...

So Twitter is a lie then, it wants to show us it's view of the world and not how it really is.

Anonymous said...

If I join a club and break the rules I would get chucked out. Same with Twitter. It's that simple. Nothing to do with freedom of speech. They go out and spourt their rubbish elsewhere anyway so they haven't been silenced. How hard is it for some people to comprehend this.

danny said...

How dare you say Saint Anne is a bigot

I shall now ask you how she is a bigot and to name one thing she has ever said that's bigoted.

Before bravely accusing you of defending things like FGM and grooming gangs behind my keyboard.

Well that's what her fuckwit supporters do.