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Thursday 6 September 2018

Rees Mogg Is Last Year’s Katie Hopkins

While some mainstream Tories continue to revere the Honourable Member for times long past Jacob Rees Mogg, out there on the far right he is rapidly becoming yesterday’s man. This may be not unconnected to Tories like Rees Mogg wising up and avoiding the more dubious fringe groups. It may also be down to the desperation of some out on the far right to remain relevant in an increasingly crowded marketplace.
Jacob Rees Mogg and TBG's Gregory "Lauder" Frost

Back in 2013, Rees Mogg made the mistake of agreeing to be guest of honour at the annual gathering of the Traditional Britain Group, a motley convocation of former Monday Club bigots and other believers in railing at anyone who is not white. He was snapped sitting next to the TBG’s phoney-nobility representative Gregory “Lauder” Frost, who despises economic migrants, despite coming from a long line of them.

Rees Mogg was assured by the Traditional Britain Group (TBG) that the warnings he had received about their views had been “a smear”. His assistant contacted Conservative Central Office “who had no knowledge of the group that they could give me”. The excuses didn’t cut it. And they still don’t cut it, after TBG announced their headline speaker for next month’s upmarket annual celebration of intolerance.

The Traditional Britain Conference will this year be held at a prestigious venue on Saturday October 20th in Central London … we have created an excellent speakers' roster … Our 2018 line-up guarantees you a rousing and stimulating conference, filled with great insights from first-class people” tells the blurb. So who’s topping the bill?
Viewers may still want to look away now

As if you need to ask. “Katie Hopkins needs little introduction as an internationally recognised media personality, who has consistently shifted the Overton Window, encouraging the general British public to speak more openly on what they previously assumed were taboo subjects”. She wouldn’t know the Overton Window from a hole in the ground. Anyway, what is Hatey Katie’s chosen specialist subject?

Her talk will be on ‘The Fight for Western Culture’. To this end, she'll regale us with her experiences across the globe from the welfare tourists at Italian ports and the Generation Identity 'Defend Europe' response; to her being barred from South Africa”. She’s going to talk about Scary Muslims™ and how rotten the blacks are in South Africa.
Also on the bill are James Thompson, involved in the now infamous London Conference on Intelligence where the loathsome Toby Young rocked up and later got rumbled. And UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson, famous for giving the finger in response to questions.

It is a thoroughly unsavoury and missable rogues’ gallery. But it begs one question: TBG is no different a rabble to its 2013 incarnation, so what was Jacob Rees Mogg doing going anywhere near it? Giving his blessing to a group now inviting Katie Hopkins - along with an abusive Kipper and a fringe eugenicist - to speak.

If Rees Mogg is speaking at the same kind of events as Katie Hopkins, why is he still considered a credible mainstream politician? And what’s he doing in the Tory Party?
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Anonymous said...

Rees Mogg is perfectly placed in the tories.

He says loudly those things the tories usually only say in private.

His real problem is he hasn't listened to the tory pr people.

Darren G said...

I wonder if they picked the date of Oct 20 because of the people's vote rally also taking place earlier that day?

Ed said...

Janice Atkinson was even thrown out of UKIP for bringing the party into disrepute.

Down With The Revolting Peasants said...

I'm glad to hear that your kind considers the event wholly missable, yet perplexed when the whole piece rubbishes JRM and the glorious TBG, why you went to the trouble of visiting the page taking a few (exceedingly well written, if I don't say, so) quotes and writing one of your screeds for leftist bottom dwellers? Haven't you bigger fish to rile the base with?