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Friday 14 September 2018

Tommy Robinson Threatens Vigilante Action

It might have been thought, with his retrial for alleged contempt of court coming up later this month, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, would be keeping a low profile and avoiding the kinds of actions that might bring him once more to the attention of the law enforcement authorities. But it seems that thought would have been misplaced, as a recent interview with The Great Man has shown.
Lennon sat down for a discussion with the like-minded Ezra Levant of Rebel Media, for whom Lennon no longer works, but which is still lending him support, as with his appeal against his conviction and sentence for that alleged contempt of court. His initial beef was with those reporting restrictions that caused him so much trouble - but then, the tone became increasingly menacing, as well as potentially defamatory.

These reporting restrictions, I believe … I still believe … are just another law, and another way, of silencing, and stopping people, [from] knowing the full details, day in and day out, of what’s happening in these cities” he began, going wrong from the off.
But that was a mere sighting shot. “Essentially, the minute this case is done, on the 27th of September [this is his retrial for alleged contempt of court], I’m going to work, with others, to bring videos and documentaries to every town and city … from every town and city, with the details … and all of the people who are in power - this is why they don’t like me, I believe - because the people in power, as in the people who took payoffs, didn’t lose their pensions, knew these young girls were being raped”. And there was more.

Stood by and allowed it [!] … Police officers, senior Police officers, politicians, care workers, I’m going to find them [my emphasis]”. After Jane Collins lost that libel case brought by three South Yorkshire Labour MPs, he could be batting on a sticky track.
The scapegoat of this campaign ...

But he wasn’t finished yet. “And the whole British public is going to be made aware who they are, and what they ignored, and the horrific crimes that have been happening to … generation of our children”. Levant then indicates his support.

We’ll be there to cover you . You’re a former employee of ours but we still support you in your mission”. That might prove troublesome for him later on.

Because Lennon is making claims of corruption, neglect, conspiracy, and more, which he most likely cannot, and will not, stand up. Moreover, the menacing assertion “I’m going to find them” is not only a show of intent that he will be pursuing several public servants, and probably without evidence that has been tested before the law, it is the kind of statement that, intentionally or otherwise, incites others to take the law into their own hands.
... and its inevitable destination

Stephen Lennon likes to play the martyr, to claim that they’re all out to get him. Then he will protest long and loud if he then puts himself on the wrong side of the law and they actually do get him. But what society cannot tolerate in vigilantism of the kind that will inevitable follow from the idea that people will be identified and then “found”.

Stephen Lennon’s new Wild West Show may return. But if the misbehaviour begins, it won’t be around for long. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Unknown said...

Funny how Stephen "Not Racist" Lennon never seems to get upset about widespread child abuse (and the very real cover-ups) when it's committed by white members of the Church.

Andy McDonald said...

That's because his real concern isn't child abuse. It's miscegenation.

Mark said...

@Unknown, you'd be surprised how many racists stick their fingers in their ears, shut their eyes and go la-la-la to abuse within the Catholic church. I got into a heated debate with some utterly racist OAP on a local community forum because he kept twisting every discussion around to his beloved 'Muslims rape our children and get away with it' narrative. When I pointed out how wrong his claims were that they are statistically in the majority (having worked in criminology with a specialist interest in sexual abuse) and enquired why he didn't give as much attention to the church's sexual abuse scandals he called me a liar and a troll and claimed to have never heard anything about systematic abuse within the church, before asking me to meet him in real life so he can 'settle a score'. You just can't argue with these people, they believe only what they want to believe

Simon said...

Alan Carr looks absolutely terrified in that photo.

Jonathan said...

Funny how Stephen never got upset at the Russians poisoning our people or got upset when women in Parliament complained of sexual harrssment nor upset at cuts to education funding for kids or the lack of funding for Child and Adolescent Mental Health services.

Funny that..

Unknown said...

He is being paid thousands by Bannon and his supporters to spread hate, the easiest thing for people to buy into. The footsoldiers of the far right are as disenfranchised as the rest of us, but give them something to blame, other than the real perpetrators of this situation, and they will come out batting for the very people disenfranchising them.