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Saturday 15 September 2018

Katie Hopkins - Russian Asset

Time was when pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins was sceptical, if not downright hostile, to the gangster régime of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. But, of late, all has changed, and now Vlad is Hatey Katie’s candidate for Crush Of The Year. She can’t get enough of him. And she can’t get enough of his sending a couple of hit men to do a little rubbing out of pesky former KGB officers who happen to be living quietly in Salisbury.
Viewers may still want to look away now

This transformation took place very recently, at around the time that Ms Hopkins was facing financial humiliation as a result of her blatantly libelling writer and campaigner Jack Monroe. Before that, a typical Katie rant at the Russian leadership would be “We are a Great Nation made proud by our history and achievements of brave men and women. Putin - we spit your name out like curdled milk”. And there was more.
She was not afraid to wish the very worst of Vlad: “Thank you for all the Hopkins for PM tweets. Frankly if I were PM, Putin would have inexplicably 'died in his sleep' last night”. Very clear where her loyalties lay back in 2014. But then came her visit to Moscow and St Petersburg, and it was as if a switch had been activated.
Beautiful. Here in Russia, national identity is clear and manifest to all-comers. Russia First … #Putinrocks”. No more wanting Vlad dead, no spitting out his name. It was a miraculous volte-face. Moreover, she was willing to lie for Russia, too: “Putin is not the big baddie the media have made him out to be. Putin puts Russia First. And his people love him for it. Far safer than Londonistan”. The Murder rate in Moscow puts London’s in the shade.
Hatey Katie’s willingness to lie for Russia has even extended to the Syria conflict: “Putin & Assad will rid Syria of Islamist terrorists … These two strong leaders are not responsible for civilian deaths in #Idlib ,,, Islamist terrorists and their supporters are”. Crap.
But it was the reporting on the two suspects in the Skripal poisoning case where she went totally OTT. “The @RT_com interview with Petrov & Boshirov is a genius political move by Putin. #Skripals” she gushed, before adding “A brilliant political move by Putin. Do these men REALLY represent the biggest threat to the U.K today?” No Katie, because they’re in sodding Russia. And she wasn’t done yet.
Putin in not asking you to believe their story to be true. He is thumbing his nose at Appeaser May. He will do as he wishes to former spies. Russia First. #VladRocks #Skripals”. Er, is she suggesting that murder is an OK kind of occupation in which visitors to the UK might involve themselves? She certainly was: “Spy on your country, against your people? Accept the consequences of your treachery. #Skripals”.
Not only is Ms Hopkins a confident cheerleader for Putin’s gangster state, she’s a fully paid-up peddler of the old Smiert Spionam message, too. Perhaps we should consider her to be the 21st Century equivalent of Rosa Klebb.

Katie Hopkins - the finest propagandist money can buy. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

You suppose Katie would jump on the chance to get shtupped by Putin in an open field?

Darren G said...

Have you seen this about Katie



Katie Hopkins has entered into an IVA to avoid bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

She's a 5th columnist and should be in jail

Nigel Stapley said...

Darlink Katya needs all the help she can get: she's just entered into an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) to protect her from having to pay most of her creditors:


Anonymous said...

The old saying "Who pays the piper" applies here.

However Katyuska certainly isn't Putin's finest paid asset.
You don't have to look far to find a horde of think-tankers, pressure groups and alt-righties whose actions and agendas don't match, who enjoy fine lifestyles with no visible means of support, and enjoy unexplained ease of access to our broadcast media.

Anonymous said...

"Russia first"? She spouts about treason and treachery then comes out with Russia first?

I would have assumed she'd been brainwashed whilst in Russia recently, but... Well, you can supply your own ending to that.

Anonymous said...

Katie Hopkins was at the Russian embassy in London, last June