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Friday 7 September 2018

Boris Damage Limitation WON’T WORK

Had the Murdoch mafiosi finally decided that London’s formerly very occasional Mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson had outlived his usefulness to them? One look at today’s Sun front page, with its screaming headline “BONKING BORIS BOOTED OUT BY WIFE”, suggests they have. But all is, not for the first time, not what it seems between the inmates of the Baby Shard bunker and their Brexit-boosting asset.
The supporting article, by non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn, treads a familiar path: “Boris had been accused of cheating again on lawyer Marina who he married in 1993 … The former Foreign Secretary fathered a child in 2009 with arts consultant Helen Macintyre … And in 2004 Bojo admitted having an affair with the writer Petronella Wyatt who fell pregnant and had an abortion”. And lied about it.

Anyhow, do go on. “But both times Marina - mum to Boris’s four children Lara [Lettice], 25, Milo Arthur, 23, Cassia Peaches, 21, and Theodore Apollo, 19 - eventually took him back”. At least they didn’t name either of their sons Sue. But there’s more.

Sources close to the ex-Foreign Secretary and his high-flying lawyer wife say Marina booted out Boris over fresh allegations he had been seeing another woman … Rumours of a split began to swirl after Marina failed to attend a family party for Cassia’s birthday … The Johnsons are understood to have parted around the time they left the grace and favour mansion at Carlton Gardens last month”. Last month, eh?
But then came the less-than-happy couple’s official statement, issued through “a family friend”, and it did not match Newton Dunn’s account. “Several months ago, after 25 years of marriage, we decided it was in our best interests to separate … We have subsequently agreed to divorce and that process is under way … As friends we will continue to support our four children in the years ahead. We will not be commenting further”.

They have been separated for a while, then. And already the spin has begun. “Nigel Evans, a fellow Tory MP, said it was a ‘personal tragedy’ and wished them both well. He added: ‘We are in 2018, we're not in the 1950s now - things move on … People make judgements about people, they're able to distinguish between their personal lives and their public lives.’” Or, to put it another way, OH WHAT A GIVEAWAY.

What the Murdoch press has done is to engage in damage limitation - they knew what had happened, and also knew there was more bad news coming down the track for Bozza (see Zelo Street’s revelation last month, for one example), yet they want to keep their man in play for when Theresa May finally runs out of political road and the Tories bin her.
Nigel Evans let the cat out of that particular bag big time when he suggested screwing around should not be the kind of career-ending move it was for the likes of Cecil Parkinson in the 1980s and David Mellor in the 1990s. Get the story out there now, then hope everyone forgets about it when the Tory leadership contest comes round.

Well, it ain’t going to work. There is more bad news coming for Bozza, and no amount of careful news management from his pals on the 13th floor is going to save him.

But good to see the Sun revealing their preferred Tory leadership candidate.
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Anonymous said...

Ah yes......Seesil Parkinson, one of the perpetrators of "Victorian values" back in the old Francoist days of the 1980s.

Who can forget an on-camera interlude after his "affair" was no longer secret. He was out jogging in uneven terrain and told the media bullshitter, "The going down is easy, the going up is difficult." Definitely a coffee-spilling moment. After comical Seesil (and all the other tory extra-marital hypocrites) there was no further talk of "Victorian values".

Now along comes Nigel Evans with another line in tory bullshit. But let's see how the line plays when the next Labour MP is found with his/her kecks round his/her ankles. Guess what Murdoch's jobsworths will do with it......

The Toffee said...

Nigel evans dictating what's acceptable and what isn't; who the effing f**k does he think he is?

The same nigel evans that appears on the tory 'sex-pest spreadsheet' as being: 'Inappropriate with male researchers - Long history' ... In other words groping young men's crotches in HoC bars.

I don't give a flying f**k what year it is, evans. If you tried that on me it wouldn't be a courtroom you'd be headed to.

Arnold said...

Divorce means divorce and we're going to make a success of it.

Anonymous said...

MORE bad news? You mean things could get WORSE? Nothing trivial I hope.

Anonymous said...


Johnson, an adulterer - again.

Who on earth would have thought that there was another woman - if, indeed, it was a woman - in the world who would fall for his brand of foppish stupidity? And if she believed that maybe he would leave his wife for her didn't she notice that he has quite a record for letting his, erm, johnson make certain decisions about his relationships?

Lets face it - he was already a joke and now he is a joke with a failed marriage due to his inability to keep it in his pants. And yet there will still be people who believe in his leadership qualities enough to want him as PM. Idiots.

Railwayman said...

It could get even worse for him: https://www.theneweuropean.co.uk/top-stories/boris-johnson-faces-court-over-brexit-350-million-1-5682332

There's no certainty of success, but even if it came to court it could be very uncomfortable

Jonathan said...

Ah good ol Cecil who went to the local Boys Grammar school around the corner from me, his name no longer appears on the rolls which lists its famous ex boys.
Cecil lied and did the dirty on his child refusing to pay child support until dragged kicking and screaming through the courts.

Seems the Tories have lost any sense of morality or ethics years ago and have spraytanned their hero Bozza in Teflon