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Friday 28 September 2018

Monty Joins The Paranoid Far Right

The favoured narrative of the paranoid far right is that people who are not white are coming to get them. The concept of “White genocide” is rolled out to frighten the easily led, the idea that brown people, and especially Scary Muslims™, are on a mission to replace what are termed “Indigenous people” deployed in support. To back this up has come the largely spurious idea of “Anti-White Racism”.
Yes, Monty, you've goofed again

What this last really means, though, is the calling out of White Privilege, the entitlement of white people to lord it over others. When combined with Male Privilege, the paranoia easily kicks in. And it is over White Male Privilege that the serially clueless Tim Montgomerie, famous mainly for being Himself Personally Now, has come spectacularly unstuck.
Monty has been observing the confirmation hearings for Combover Crybaby Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. As a good Christian Conservative, he looks in on politics Stateside when those of similar political and religious orientation are concerned. His first response to Kavanaugh’s grilling was to blame the Democrats.
The Dem Senators are winning by constantly delivering talking points but I hate that they've clearly pre-judged before testimony”. Who’s being partisan, Monty? “This from @LindseyGrahamSC is what the Republicans needed hours ago”. Er, Monty is.
But it was when Steven Thrasher summarised Kavanaugh’s own testimony “Hell hath no fury like a white man told he can’t take whatever he wants whenever he wants it” that Monty lost it. Thrasher was nailing White Male Privilege. Monty missed that.
For a lot of [people] on here, Justice Kavanaugh’s sin appears to be that he’s a white man” he observed. Now, at this point, Monty might have got away with that. But what came next meant that his wriggle room declined to an amount not unadjacant to zero.
After Southern Christian Conservative Rod Dreher sniped “Yes. Straight up racism”, Monty declined to distance himself from the remark. Indeed, he embraced it.
It’s tragic to watch Rod, and your book becomes more relevant with every passing day” he moaned. So Monty is objecting not to White Male Privilege being called out, but is himself invoking the ridiculous and spurious concept of “Anti-White Racism”. He was given enough rope to hang himself, and duly strung himself up.
As a result, no-one should take issue with one Tweeter who observed Monty and Dreher’s love-in and concluded “In a just world neither one of you would get paid to do what you do”. One has to wonder just where the teachings of Christ got lost in all of this.

Tim Montgomerie has significant previous on matters of racism - he was, after all, allied with Nadine Dorries in the anti-Semitic attack on former Lib Dem MP Evan Harris - and now he has allied himself with the paranoid “Anti-White Racism” far right.

Yet our broadcast media gives him a platform. What was that about loss of trust?
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Anonymous said...

The money changers threw Christ out of the temple in 1979.

He was last seen homeless in South Los Angeles. Or it might have been South Croydon.

Anonymous said...

White Men Can't Jump. Unless Rupert Murdoch tells them to. In which case they ask, "How high?"

This comment may be more than a little sarcastic.