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Sunday 19 February 2017

UKIP Stoke Photo - Pants On Fire

The continuing difficulty of UKIP’s new leader Paul Nuttall in coming to terms with reality has now brought him a new problem. The “Bad Bootle Meffhad claimed to have been on the board of the North West Training Council, but the charity says he wasn’t. His website claimed “I was very impressed by my visit to the NWTC and have nothing but praise for their contribution. They are doing a first-class job and I am thrilled at the honour of being a board member”. But it was another pack of lies.
And it was coming on top of all the other packs of lies, especially his claims about the close friends he didn’t lose in the Hillsborough stadium disaster almost 28 years ago. On top of that was the crass and dishonest claim by his predecessor Nigel “Thirsty” Farage that Nuttall had reached out to the Hillsborough families, only to have been prevented from doing so by the Labour Party (which was another pack of lies).
The smell of burning trousers had even reached the Kippers’ conference near Bolton, which was held at the Bolton Wanderers’ FC ground in nearby Horwich. That gathering was overshadowed by another pack of lies spun by their MEP Jane Collins about illegal migration. So what better than to change the subject to grassroots campaigning?
That would get the UKIP faithful smiling again, it was uncontroversial, and they couldn’t possibly be called out for that. Or so they thought: after the UKIP Twitter feed posted a photo with the comment “Just some of the UKIP #PeoplesArmy in Stoke-on-Trent here to campaign for @paulnuttallukip #PaulforStoke”, Matthew Black immediately smelt a rat. “More LIES.... That's a picture from from your conference in Bolton. #FakeNews #UKIP #PaulNuttall #Stoke” he replied. And then the floodgates opened once more.
Fred Gallucci confirmed “That’s definitely Bolton”, and just to make sure, he also posted a Google Maps link which shows the buildings in the background - which, yes, are the same buildings in the background of the UKIP photo which claims to be from Stoke. The Kippers can’t even talk about campaigning without lying.
Following hot on the heels of the correct identification of “Stoke” as being actually near the Bolton Wanderers’ stadium - and close to the nearby Holiday Inn - came the piss-takes, a notable one being from the Tweeter otherwise known as 4thAndWrong, who posted a shot of the Taj Mahal with UKIP canvassers superimposed on it, and asked “Hi @paulnuttallukip - Can I get a RT for the @UKIP #PeoplesArmy out in force in Crewe today?” Hmm, not sure the Retail Park looks quite like that.
Meanwhile, there was no distraction from the stick meted out to Nuttall for his risible victim-playing at the Kippers’ conference, with James Doleman commenting “Paul Nuttal shows his emotions as he remembers the close friends he lost when the Death Star destroyed Alderaan”. Who’d be a UKIP canvasser in Stoke right now?
The Kippers keep getting called out for lying. Because they’re a bunch of liars.


Rob Smith said...

I've heard of the Westminster Bubble. This is the Bolton Bubble.

Alan Clifford said...

What odds on Farage coming back to "rescue" UKIP?