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Friday 17 February 2017

Kelvin McFilth Anti-Semitism EXPOSED

The iron law of being prepared to defend the worst excesses of the press, no matter how bad and how unforgivable, has today caused disgraced former Sun editor Kelvin McFilth to utter not just his required defence of press misbehaviour, but make the kind of Freudian slip that shows Kel is full value for every derogatory name he has been called for the past four decades. The Section 50 legal challenge is where the story begins.
Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court, had spoken to the BBC, which for the right-leaning press was an instant demerit point. The resulting report told “The president of the UK's Supreme Court has criticised politicians for not doing enough to defend judges following a row over the Brexit legal challenge … Lord Neuberger said politicians did not speak out quickly or clearly enough and some media attacks had been unfair”.

There was more. “He said unjustified attacks on the judiciary undermined the rule of law … After the government lost the Article 50 case at the High Court, a Daily Mail headline called the three judges in the case ‘enemies of the people’”. Also, the Murdoch Sun ran a front page headline which screamed “Judges’ Brexit Blow … WHO DO EU THINK YOU ARE? Loaded foreign elite defy will of Brit voters”. Loaded. Foreign.
Thus the Murdoch goons’ hypocrisy (all those generously remunerated pundits calling “loaded” and “elite” on others) and flat-out racism (Gina Miller, the target of the abuse and incitement, is a British citizen). But they could not possibly leave Lord Neuberger’s comments unanswered. Never mind the echoes of the Soviet Union and Third Reich in the deliberate demonisation of the judiciary - the press had to be defended.

So, rather in the manner of the bent copper who protests with a straight face that the bloke writhing on the floor attacked his unprotected steel-toed boot with his groin, up stepped Kelvin McFilth to tell anyone who cared to listen that putting the boot in on the judges was not only justified, but necessary. The BBC’s video has the slip right at the beginning.
Nuremberger is overly sensitive on this issue,” says Kel. “We are in a world where you get attacked morning, noon and night on Twitter or on Facebook or in the press, or even, might I say, by BBC presenters … so he is being over-sensitive. And he is quite wrong. When you get an important issue like Brexit being decided uniquely for the first time in 43 years by a referendum, you’re going to get big reactions”. 41 years since 1975, actually.

Three things here. One, none of Kel’s press apologia justifies attacking the judiciary by giving the public the impression that they were indulging in political activism - rather than interpreting the law, which after all is their job. Two, Lord Neuberger accepted the press’ right to pass comment freely on the judgments he and his colleagues reached.

And three, Kelvin McFilth did not refer to Lord Neuberger by his name, but instead called him “Nuremberger. Lord Neuberger is Jewish. And Kel just used a name with serious Nazi overtones to refer to him. He’s all class. And so is his Sun column today.

We already knew that Kelvin McFilth was an utter and complete shit. Now we know that he’s an utter and complete anti-Semitic shit. I’ll say it again - Don’t Buy The Sun.


Alan Clifford said...

A near perfect example of why Joe Citizen cheers like crazy every time the loony POTUS mangles mainstream media.

The dopes who front and excuse the msm still don't realise how much they are loathed by people sick to death of decades of lies and, yes, fake news peddled by the usual suspects. As a minor example, a couple of nights ago the increasingly sad, senile Jon Snow - forgetting names, stuttering - actually described London as (and I'm not joking) "a blessed place." Whereas everybody outside the M25 ghetto despises it for the corrupt shithole it is, especially when it contains rabid dogs like MacKenzie and Dacre.

MacKenzie's diatribe is no different from all the other poisoned claptrap he's spouted for decades. Typically, BBC Fake News chose to use him and further promote far right muck. Any day now he'll be partnering his old mucker Neil or even "helping out" the distinctly weird and peculiar Evan Davis on Newsnight.

By comparison, Neuberger is a breath of rational fresh air. God knows it's needed if we're to begin clearing Murdoch and Rothermere's horseshit out.

pete c said...

So. Blatantly obvious as it is that McFilth is an inadequate bellend writing bo**ocks to order, why is it that all those sick to death of decades of lies etc, and all those outside the M25 ghetto despising the corrupt shithole, still persist in buying tabloid crap on a daily basis.

We know he's shit, he probably knows it too - but far too many gullible folk will still believe this garbage. This is a very nasty country in formation out here in the sticks - and too many seem to revel in it becoming so.

So, how long before us retired folk get frog-marched out to the fields to pick beetroot. No doubt May, McFilth and co have a plan for making pensions a reward for further slavery.

David said...

Alan Clifford,
Last time I checked there were about 6 million people living in this 'shithole' and you name two.
With your constant rants against Londoners, Cockneys and barrow boys you are beginning to sound a bit silly.
Love David from east London.