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Wednesday 8 February 2017

Julia Hartley Brewer Migrant Skill Fail

Demonstrating the synergy between all those constituent parts of the Murdoch empire, and more importantly showing that desperate pundits will write whatever they are told to write when it comes down to chasing More And Bigger Paycheques For Themselves Personally Now, the Super Soaraway Currant Bun has featured another formula rent-a-rant today from self-important Talk Radio host Julia Hartley Brewer.
Excuse ME - don't you know WHO I AM?!?

As Commons Speaker John Bercow has passed severely adverse comment on the behaviour of Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, and The Donald is now best pals with Creepy Uncle Rupe, the predictable subject of Ms Hartley Dooda’s copy is to play the man, and not the ball, and make a highly personal attack on Bercow, mainly because he is married to the occasionally self-publicising Sally. Job done, cheque cashed!
Sadly for Ms Hartley Dooda, the ease with which she proffered her opinion was not in evidence when others had the opportunity to reply, and on Twitter she has encountered significant resistance to her product offering, especially after my good friend Sunny Hundal, citing an article from the New York Times, observed “It's astonishing how many Europeans don't understand this about why Silicon Valley is successful: immigrants”.
This was a demonstrably true statement, but Ms Hartley Dooda knew better than Sunny, and indeed anyone else who might have a view on the subject. So in she went with both feet, determined to correct the statement that had caused her such offence: “no, highly skilled immigrants”. There was a problem with this claim, but she wasn’t seeing it.
So Sunny decided to take it nice and slowly, in the vain hope that Ms Hartley Dooda would see sense: “again, this is defined by govt as people already in good jobs. Those aren't going to start companies”. The brightest and best do not get called “skilled” if they haven’t yet demonstrated those skills - like coming together to organise tech start-ups, and bringing new technology products into the marketplace.
This should not prove difficult for an experienced and intelligent media pundit to take on board. But here a problem entered: to acknowledge her error would mean Ms Hartley Dooda having to climb down, lose face - and, dammit, to one of those rotten lefties! What to do? Simples: shout “look over there”. And so she did: “so let's open our doors to millions of unskilled in the hope that a few thousand start businesses?”.
Thus another lame strawman was launched, and Sunny identified it correctly: “if you want to argue against silly strawmen, do that with someone else please”. And the response of the Twittersphere generally was summed up by one observer who simply said “Sunny, stop feeding the troll, let her get on with her sub-shock jock attempts at a career”.
Julia Hartley Dooda’s witterings can pass muster when there are only Sun readers to impress. For everyone else, she ain’t making it.


Alan Clifford said...

I share Bercow's opinion of Trump. However, I'm not Speaker of the House of Commons.

He would have done well to remember Speaker Lenthall's response to Charles Stuart's personal attempt to arrest members (and request for Lenthall to identify them): "May it please Your Majesty, I have neither eyes to see, nor tongue to speak in this place, but as the House is pleased to direct me, whose servant I am here..."

But perhaps the allegation of one MP has some truth, that Bercow is making himself notorious so he can increase his "lecture fees" when he stands down. Nothing surprises me about any of the scoundrels and spivs in that place. You need only check Blair's "lecture fees" during the Blair Rich Project. Or the expenses claims of someone like Frank Field.

Hartley-Brewer?.....Pfffffttt.....A mere bagatelle......

David said...

Hartley Brewer: loud, smug, condescending, right-winger. Basically, Hopkins for Waitrose shoppers.

Unknown said...

Julia Hartley Brewer, a Waitrose Katie Hopkins.

iMatt said...

So what is Hopkins? Netto?