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Saturday 18 February 2017

UKIP MEP - Pants On Fire Again

Those Zelo Street regulars who have observed the goings-on at the increasingly dysfunctional shambles that is UKIP will already be familiar with the name of Jane Collins. The 2014 entry MEP, who claims to represent Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, and is the Kippers’ spokeswoman on Home Affairs, landed herself with a £350,000 plus bill for damages and costs recently after she deliberately libelled three Labour MPs.
Not had to sell the fur to pay court costs yet?

So after that minor inconvenience - a significant loss, even for those who maximise their shameless trousering of European Parliament expenses - one might have thought that Ms Collins would be a little more careful the next time she was tempted to be seriously economical with the actialité. But that thought would have been misplaced: she has seized the first available opportunity to set her pants on fire with both hands.
And what has made it worse is that, having been put wise to her easy and routine dishonesty by that recent court case, her critics were on to her as soon as she chose to loose off her North and South. So when the UKIP Twitter feed told that she had claimed “There are hundreds of illegal immigrants arriving each week. And when we do catch them we let them go!” it was not long before the smell of burning trousers was detected.
The Tweeter otherwise known as hrtbps asked “Hi @Jane_CollinsMEP, just following up on this statement you made at #UKIPSpring conference. Can you please provide a source? Many thanks”. Ms Collins replied “try Sussex Police whose press statement I quoted. Enjoy your weekend”. But Sussex Police had not made that claim.
No “hundreds arriving each week” and no “we let them go”. Ms Collins upped the ante and Tweeted a press link, with the comment “Those people accusing me of lying in my speech”. Two things here. One, the link is to the Mail, which Wikipedia no longer regards as a reliable source. And two, the article says five were detained - not hundreds.
As she was by now encountering severe resistance to her product offering, Ms Collins simply ranted “Lots of people with nothing to do at the weekend but dispute one line from a speech they did not hear. Go get some fresh air”. It’s a rather important line, though, because it’s yet another example of her tendency - as with so many other Kippers - to lie as frequently as drawing breath. Also, it has the whiff of incitement about it.
The only recent media offering with that “hundreds” in it was found by Tweeter Chris G, though - it was Breitbart, an even less reliable source than the Mail, but one beloved of UKIP supporters, because it tells them what they want to hear about all those Scary Muslims (tm) and other migrants. They claimedSussex Police are arresting illegal immigrants being smuggled through southern ports on an almost daily basis, they have revealed. The Road Patrol Unit alone has arrested 119 people in the last six months”.
But even the convocation of the terminally batshit at Breitbart only manage 20 arrivals per month, or five a week. No amount of Jane Collins snapping that her critics should “just f***ing Google it” will cause them to conclude other than that she is lying yet again.
Farage, Nuttall, Suzanne Evans and now Jane Collins - this lying thing is rather more than a coincidence for Kippers, isn’t it? It’s almost as if they don’t inhabit the real world.


Alan Clifford said...

Politically speaking, what's the old gag about fur coats and underwear?.......

gypsy noir said...

Another day
Another Paul Nuttall lie exposed
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall under pressure over claims he served on charity board

@OffCentreNews said...

"Ukip MEP apologises for apparently calling charity boss a paedophile
Jane Collins deletes tweet to Church Army boss Mark Russell, saying she was ‘a bit hot headed’"


SteveB said...

to be fair, if UKIP politicians inhabited the real world how would they keep in touch with their voters?

rob said...

To be fair UKIP politics are just a Farage, sorry, fascist fantasy farrago of lies and distortions.

Ain't that the truth bro?