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Wednesday 8 February 2017

Simon Danczuk - Engagement Over?

Several eyebrows were raised recently when Rochdale’s still nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk was seen out and about with yet another much younger woman, one who was even younger than the young woman from whom he has recently been divorced. The latest less than lucky companion to link up with Spanker Si was a 32-year-old care worker from Halifax by the name of Charlene Meade.
After the seemingly obligatory parading of his new trophy partner before the cameras - the thought enters that this might also generate More And Bigger Paycheques For Himself Personally Now - Danczuk let the Sun know “He is smitten with the mum-of-two - a care worker from Bradford  and preparing for a Christmas wedding … The pair have even been spotted hand-in-hand at a bash in Manchester during their whirlwind romance”.

But then the thought also enters that this is all getting a bit previous. Why go running to the press if the happy day is not until the end of the year, and we’re still ten whole months away from that? Seasoned Danczuk observers have smelt a rat, and news has arrived on Zelo Street that the happy couple may no longer be happy - or even a couple. Hence the need to make something out of the relationship before it’s all over.
The next sign that things may not be going quite as swimmingly for Spanker Si and Ms Meade came from the Eye Spy MP Twitter feed, which was tipped off that Danczuk had been of less than statesmanlike behaviour around the Westminster Village, telling “Last night: @SimonDanczuk flirting away with a young blonde (not his fiancé [sic]) in Sports & Social. The man can't help himself”. Or rather, it seems he may have done.

But, so what? Danczuk misbehaved when he was supposed to be dating Louise Dickens. He was caught “sexting” a 17-year-old girl when he was allegedly in a relationship with Labour Councillor Claire Hamilton (Ms Hamilton took the swift and wise decision to dump the SOB on the spot). Well, yes, but consider this: Ms Meade has said nothing about the supposed December wedding. And there is more.
Danczuk and Ms Meade were, as might be expected, following one another on Twitter. She still follows, and is followed by, two key Danczuk allies, Elsie Wraighte and John Blundell. But Ms Meade has dropped out of the list of those who enjoy the dubious privilege of being followed by Spanker Si. Moreover, she is no longer following him. This, I am reliably informed, has happened in the last few days.

So it looks as if the sighting in the Commons Sports and Social Bar is not just another case of Danczuk Behaving Badly. Expect one of the Sunday papers to have this story as an alleged “exclusive” designed to generate even more of that all-important marginal revenue. But Zelo Street regulars will know where they read it first.

Meanwhile, the Labour Party is moving inexorably towards its final decision on whether to expel Spanker Si. Those press paydays may be about to end, and very soon.


Richard Gadsden said...

He's as busy trying to make money from his love-life as Lembit Öpik was.

Last I heard of Öpik, he was doing a call-in show on local radio in Kent...

Alan Clifford said...

Poor old Danksuck, five minutes of fame almost over.

Doesn't half put his "politics" into perspective. Recall when Corbyn was elected leader how Danksuck stood near the door of a private MPs meeting, tried to shout him down......and left the door open so hacks like Pienaar, Neil and Boulton could "report" the meeting as almost a fight.

Classic New Labour dishonesty similar to the Nottingham thug, John Mann.

Can't wait for Danksuck to get the boot. A pity Mann and other ranting righties aren't going with him.