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Tuesday 21 February 2017

Paul Watson - Alt-Right Nobody

Among all the clamouring for attention as the right-wing spin brigade and Fake News outlets try to talk up the claims that Europe, and especially Sweden, are now hotbeds of violent crime, and that it’s all because they let Scary Muslims (tm) in, one sad soul stands out among the keyboard warriors. He is Paul Watson, and he lives not in Mainland Europe, or the USA, but south of the river in London’s Battersea.
Paul Watson - fantasy versus reality

Watson has a Twitter photo which suggests an image rather more hip and cool than the anaemic rabbit-caught-in-the-headlights looking geek of reality. There is a good reason for this: Watson is not only a cowardly gobshite, he has to project the idea of credibility, where he has none. Even in geek mode, he stands in front of a world map which shows his horizons extend beyond the Lidl at Clapham Junction. Allegedly.
The unintentional hilarity was exemplified by his rush to defend Milo Yiannopoulos following that advocacy for paedophilia: “Well done, professionally outraged libtards & Never Trumpers, you just made #CPAC 2017 the most eagerly anticipated ever! … Milo must be mortified that he's at the center of another controversy again. I mean it's not like that's his whole schtick. Oh wait…” Yiannopoulos has since been dropped by CPAC.
Still, if at first you don’t succeed, well, just suck some more seed, eh? After Yiannopoulos then had his book deal canned, Watson was there spinning obediently: “In other news, MIlo's future book sales just doubled”. Yeah, right. And then he went wrong, and disastrously so, goading his critics “I cannot believe you idiots picked a fight with me about Sweden. It's my favorite topic. Working on a video that will decimate you”.
Ah, that crime-ridden country once again. And the temptation for Watson was just too much: “Any journalist claiming Sweden is safe; I will pay for travel costs & accommodation for you to stay in crime ridden migrant suburbs of Malmo”. Louis Barfe was willing to show this idiot up for what he was: “I claim my free holiday in Malmo, you idiot child”.
Watson’s idea of what Sweden actually looked like then took a knock as George Weah’s Cousin called him out: “How come you deleted this then m8. Is it because one is a picture of 80s London, and another a Football game?” Whoops! And the numbers willing to take him up on his offer led Lucy Lyons to ask “Looks like you are paying for a LOT of people to go to #Malmo - wow, you are super generous. Are you going to charter a plane?
Far Right Watch concurred on the charter and who was paying: “At this rate, we're looking to Charter a Flight to Malmo for everybody. It's okay, @PrisonPlanet is paying!!” Watson span himself silly, pretending that he was making good on the offer and that it was only for one. But J J Patrick was on his case, and is crowdfunding a damages action against Watson for breach of his unilateral offer, made on Twitter.
Meanwhile, Nils Karlsson has advised Watson “Hello, @PrisonPlanet. I'm a deputy mayor in Malmö. I would be happy to meet with any journalists you send here to [see] for themselves”. He may have a long wait in store.

Saddoes who spend all their time behind the keyboard can get themselves into terrible trouble when they encounter the real world. Paul Watson might just get that now.


Anonymous said...

He could send some of the employees of News UK - then the crime rate will go up!

Ceiliog said...

Are these prize right wing pillocks confusing the city of Malmo with crime ridden Malvo (Season 1 of Fargo)? Trump Troop makes F Troop look professional.

Anonymous said...

Shockingly, it seems this anal polyp has over half a mill followers on his Twitter account.

Did they all migrate over from Milo's after Twitter told him to f*** off smartly?

I've been following politics - from a distance - for nigh-on 35yrs and I never fail to be disgusted at the sight of yet another spineless, shit-stirring little opportunist hoving into view. There have been literally hundreds of swimming-pool turds over the years; chiselling, brown-nosing and elbowing their way to the front of the attention queue. Cretins all, desparate to avoid any meaningful work, eyes fixed on the 'main chance'.

The good news, though: most get flushed back into the sewers whence they came. Chin up.

Keep up the good work Tim.

Alan Clifford said...

His Facebook picture bears a marked resemblance to Mr. Peter Sutcliffe the well known Yorkshire philosopher.

Is there something in his past we don't know?

Anonymous said...

Why 'alt-right' though? It's the sort of 'modern', American label which lends them the sort of glamour they crave. What's wrong with 'extreme right'? It's as fitting for this twat and Milo with his 'boy-love' as it was for that other active proponent of youthful skinhead-love, the NF's pervy master-race chubster, Martin Webster.

Anonymous said...

It's Sue Townsend's long-lost sequel: Adrian Mole the Neo-Fasc Years.

Anonymous said...

Paul Watson - fantasy versus reality

Or alternatively, you versus the guy she told you not to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Seems a little silly to be bothered enough to write a vituperative blog about someone you call a nobody, especially when that nobody's youtube videos regularly get 500k-to a million views while you're struggling to get six "likes" on the tweet that promotes your attack piece.
Watson's latest video on Sweden has 250k views so far. He mentions the riot in Sweden that you omit, and that he has funded Tim Pool 2k.
How much traffic does your blog get Tim?
I must thank you for the laugh I had at this though:

"Saddoes who spend all their time behind the keyboard can get themselves into terrible trouble when they encounter the real world."

Haha! From someone who's entire blog is twitter screenshots and namecalling. I'm dying over here hahaha

Tim Fenton said...


It's remarkable that Paul Watson's fans can quote his YouTube stats, and even speak in the same style as The Great Man, right down to selectively omitting the embarrassing stuff - like the upcoming legal action.

That suggests some serious butthurt in Battersea. Still, beats working, eh?

The trolling ain't making it.

http://www.thesocialshuttle.com/ said...

"Watson's latest video on Sweden has 250k views so far. "
But they are all barking mad. Don't ever confuse quantity with quality.

jojo said...

Saddoes who spend all their time behind the keyboard

Sounds like you're talking about yourselves