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Wednesday 22 February 2017

Milo - Delingpole To The Rescue

Back in January 2013, a vapid and vindictive creep called Milo Yiannopoulos ordered one of his gofers - he never did have the cojones to do this kind of thing himself - to pen a hatchet job on this blog. As a result, The Curse Of Zelo was placed upon him, and two months later, his allegedly brave new tech creation the Kernel Mag closed, with its figurehead mired in debt, a result entirely of his own making.
"Gay marriage" ... "Global warming" ... "Red meat conservatism" ... "Bird-slicing, bat-chomping eco crucifixes" ... "Incoherent sneering" ... "Backing the indefensible" ... "Career oblivion"

Yiannopoulos then fetched up in Berlin, relaunched the Kernel, only to soon see himself removed from its team. Undeterred, he then reinvented himself - inasmuch as one can reinvent a cretinous nonentity - as standard bearer of the snivelling inadequates unable to get out from behind their keyboards and shrug off their inability to interact with the opposite sex. He became the champion of the “GamerGaters” and darling of the “Alt-Right”.
The real Milo Yiannopoulos - an empty nobody

But now, all that has gone the same way as the Kernel Mag as those who were prepared to hand Yiannopoulos chat show invites, speaking dates and book deals despite his rabid sexism, racism, transphobia, and incitement of hatred (and his personally being one of the nastiest pieces of work ever let loose on this planet) have decided that advocating peadophilia is one bridge even they are not prepared to cross.
Even then, after Yiannopoulos had pretended that relationships between older men and 13-year-old boys were A Good Thing, there were some prepared to merely shrug their shoulders, say it was “Only Milo”, and hand him yet another free pass. One such was another of those deeply unpleasant individuals within the motley collective of the irredeemably batshit that is Breitbart, James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole.
Del Boy was cool with having a paedophilia apologist on his team. And when the likes of David Aaronovitch spelt out why Yiannopoulos had been dropped by those previously prepared to put up with him, the Delingpole auto-sneer was out in full force: “IMO literally no one does sanctimonious humbug better than David Aaronovitch”. And, as for his colleagues at Breitbart, “Love to know these five made up characters at Breitbart the anonymous Senior Editor claims are ready to give up their salaries because Milo”.
See, Breitbart staffers weren’t really threatening to leave! It was all a rotten lefty plot! Just a “Breitbart ‘Senior Editor’ briefing anonymously against Milo”. Del Boy had only sympathy for Yiannopoulos: “Milo is going to fucking hate this attention. Poor guy. He just wants to be left alone”. Why Delingpole is so stupid as to believe that Yiannopoulos gives a flying foxtrot what he thinks is another of life’s unfathomable mysteries.
But he was prepared to take to, er, Facebook (why wasn’t it published on Breitbart? Who knows, and indeed, who cares?) to defend the indefensible: “Conservatives who throw their own to the wolves: my take on the squishes rejoicing in Milo's ‘downfall’”. It was all the fault of lefties, and of course Saul Alinsky, who died in 1972.
James Delingpole, and no doubt others on the right, cannot get their collective heads round the reality of Milo Yiannopoulos’ demise - he went too far, even for the most screamingly batshit. So he was dropped by CPAC, his publisher, and with his departure from Breitbart, his employer. There is nothing radical or conservative about Yiannopoulos - he’s a Grade A shit, and deserves everything coming to him. End of story.


Alan Clifford said...

"There is nothing radical or conservative about Yiannopoulos."

On the contrary - his behaviour is a perfect example of conservatism. Which, by definition, is not "radical." It is anti-social progress, usually regressive and mostly evil in favour of a far right establishment. To say little of its usual mainstream media puppets.

Yes, I'd say he fits right in there.

The reason he's being dumped is because he made it too obvious and told it the way they see it. Aaronovitch, on the other hand, far right to the marrow, knows exactly when to put the boot in when someone's on the ground - which is one of the reasons he gets so much air time on BBC Fake News and its "discussion" programmes.

The lot of them would do us all a favour if they pissed off and joined all the other Nazis in Dallas.

pete c said...

Poor Milo will hate the attention, just wants to be left alone. Yeah, right. But I'll oblige anyway and leave well alone.

Curious as to how Saul Alinsky gets a blame hit. Can think of 1 sound reason, but wouldn't want to put any ideas into their poor struggling heads.

David said...

Christ almighty if going on about Londoners wasn't enough he has now started on Dallas.

Voice of Reason said...

BBC Fake News is as bad as Fox and the North Korean News Agency. Blair is the same as Trump is the same as Goebbels is the same as Ming the Merciless. The Guardian has less credibility than Pravda did and my mum bakes better cakes than Mary Berry.

Discrimination and judgement are the enemies of progress! Death to cockneys!

Anonymous said...

Milo is one screwed up nut job, but those like Delingpole and Mensch who facilitated his success are far, far worse. For years they've defended him on the basis of free speech, and the right to give offence against the "snowflakes" and "social justice warriors" who can't bear to hear a different, controversial viewpoint. But as soon as he says something that falls outside of their personal comfort zones, the right to free speech angle is conveniently forgotten. When he was "saying the unsayable" against women, Muslims and Transsexuals, that was fine, that was just being provocative and outrageous, and people who disagreed with him were wrong to want him silenced. But once he started "saying the unsayable" about peadophilia, suddenly being provocative and outrageous isn't so funny any more and decent people must be protected from hearing him. The hypocracy is so staggering its downright funny.

rob said...

@ Voice of reason

You forgot one optimistic note. Rupert Murdoch is God and Piers Morgan is his Holy Spirit. That's two optimistic notes. And Saint Theresa the Appeaser appoints competent Ministers. That's three.

Time for Donald Trump's comfy cushion interrogation? That would make potentially four.

Look on the bright side of life even if it's all in the mind dear reader!

Unknown said...

Interesting that far right often stumbles down this track. They fail to see that not everything in this world is about marketing, networking and monetisation, and there are some things that even their own kind balk at