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Sunday 27 November 2016

Toby Young Still Wrong On Brexit

After last week’s news that there would be a pay squeeze the likes of which very few still alive can remember coming down the line in the wake of Britain’s departure from the EU, some of those who campaigned for a Leave vote are now beginning to realise that not all might be rosy in the garden of their particular choosing.
More less than grown up analysis from Tobes

This includes the likes of Michael “Oiky” Gove, who this morning fetched up on The Andy Marr Show (tm) to claim that economists have got it all wrong in the past, and we should not worry. Gove’s support cast includes his faithful disciple the loathsome Toby Young, who has taken to Twitter to give ten “Arguments against a second EU referendum”.
Sadly, Tobes goes wrong at the first hurdle. “The electorate was told the #EURef was a binary, in-or-out choice and the result would be binding”. The result is not binding. It says so in the legislation setting it up. Try again. “If a second #EURef, why not a third? Why should we only regard the matter as settled if Remain wins?” Very good Tobes, that was the stated Modus Operandi of many of your fellow Leave campaigners (like Farage).
It doesn’t get any better: “If EU27 know ‘the deal’ will be subject to second #EURef, they're incentivised to offer us a bad deal”. They’ll play hardball Full Stop. The possibility of another vote will be immaterial. “If ‘the deal’ is rejected in a second #EURef, what would happen then? Apply to rejoin the EU? Unclear” Soil the bed, Tobes, WE’D STILL BE IN THE EU. Can it get worse? Let’s have a look at Excuse Number 5.
Holding a second #EURef could fatally undermine faith in democracy of some of the 52% who voted Leave”. Threat of extra-Parliamentary action noted, thanks Tobes. And you’re talking crap. Ooh look, here’s a corker: “If Leave had lost, and they were calling for a second #EURef, Remain would dismiss them as poor losers”. Don’t tar the Remain campaign with the same brush already used by the Outers (who have spent the past five months calling anyone who voted Remain a sore loser who should shut up about it).
And another corker: “All the polling evidence suggests Leave would win a second #EURef. Why spend £142.4m on a re-run?” How the hell do you know? THERE’S NO DEAL ON THE TABLE YET. What’s Number 8 in the Tobes charts? “Holding a second #EURef because public were misinformed would be grounds for re-running all elections”. It’s not a General Election, Tobes. It’s for keeps, for ever, not for talking about in 5 years’ time.
Here’s a real belter: “The Conservatives made a manifesto promise to implement the #EURef result …  the Govt should do so”. Party should always honour manifesto commitments? Seriously? Get out of here. And so we come to the end of Tobes’ stone tablets, with “The UK will be better off outside the EU. Why delay our exit with a second #EURef?”. Conjecture on the basis of the square root of stuff all. Tobes, you are channelling Daniel Hannan and I claim my five pounds.

Sorry Tobes, but this is total crap. You really haven’t got the first idea about this subject, have you? To be fair, though, nor has our not at all unelected Prime Minister.


pete c said...

Surely, holding a 2nd referendum would enforce any faith in Democracy. This is, after all, a seriously major move - not just something on a par with choosing one supermarket over another.

Not only a 2nd referendum, but a compulsory vote by all eligible should be instigated. With at least a 60/40 split - if not more. 65/35, say. And maybe even weighting the vote in favour of the young. (No, I'm 70)

Whichever way it went, then at least there would be some justification for saying dumb stuff like 'The Will Of The People'.

Serious decision in uncertain times. You have to wonder about the hysterical reaction from the Leavers, who would have us cut off and adrift by Xmas if they could.

J said...

Correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't 4 correct, which then makes some of the others possibly correct?

Any second ref would have to be before A50, so that the negotiating position was known...

Any second ref after A50 would be pointless because after commencing A50, we're out no matter what happens unless the EU agrees to extend the exit deadline... but still means we're out. You get two years to reach a trade agreement, then thats it - fuck off.

Then again, there might be a bit in A50 that allows the invoker to change their minds and call off A50.

As for 6)... the brexshitters have been whinging for 40 odd effing years, if they had lost the ref they would still be whinging for the next 40 odd effing years. So as for us grown ups being sore losers, well we have only just begun... the brexshitters can start complaining that we're still moaning in 40 odd + 1 years time.

Alan Clifford said...

Is that reactionary far right arm-waving fool still about?