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Monday 21 November 2016

Is Piers Morgan Leaving GMB?

There has been no British pundit more keen to extol the virtues of Combover Crybaby Donald Trump than Good Morning Britain and former CNN host Piers Morgan. He was on good terms with The Donald, he had access to him, and didn’t GMB viewers and his co-hosts know it. And when Trump won the Presidential election earlier this month, Morgan was even granted the privilege of an extended phone chat with the winner.
We know this because, with his customary lack of modesty, Morgan took to Twitter to tell anyone prepared to listen that The Donald had chosen to speak only to him: “Just had a 15-minute conversation with President-elect Donald Trump … He was on great form & very excited about the challenges ahead”. One has to wonder what they spoke about for quarter of an hour. It probably wasn’t the weather.

Someone else who was asking the same question was the current occupant of the Spectator’s Mr Steerpike chair, vacated last year by the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, formerly chief gofer to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog. The resulting post observedDuring the US presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s UK supporters were few and far between. In fact, aside from Nigel Farage, it fell on his old friend Piers Morgan to be his main cheerleader”. Do go on.
It seems his show of loyalty has now paid off. Morgan has taken to Twitter to announce that he has just shared a 15 minute phone conversation with the president-elect … With Morgan telling friends over the summer that he would be keen for a job as a spinner should Trump be elected POTUS, watch this space”. So what did Piers say to that?

My information is that when the Steerpike account put the question “Is Piers Morgan angling for a job in Donald Trump’s press team?” the one-word answer was “No”. But that Tweet can no longer be found. Moreover, Steerpike was asking the wrong question for two reasons. One, it might not be Trump’s press team. And two, if Morgan had already been offered a job, he wouldn’t be angling for one, would he?
The missing Tweet, together with Piers Morgan’s two areas of wriggle room, mean that the question as to whether or not he might be going to work for his pal Trump still very much stands. And it’s not going to be just this blog, and Steerpike, asking it. The folks who run Good Morning Britain, where Morgan’s co-hosts have made a special effort to accommodate his, shall we say, unconventional approach, will also want to know.

ITV bosses have seen GMB’s ratings improve over the past year, partly on the back of the current presenting line-up. They may also want Piers Morgan to state conclusively and unequivocally that he is not going to be upping sticks and going to work for the Combover Crybaby, whether in the USA or here in Britain. So let’s have the definitive answer to that question: is Piers Morgan going to go and work for Donald Trump?

Perhaps one of his co-hosts on GMB could quiz him, live on air. Just a thought.


rob said...

It looks like Putin USA aka DJ Trump is following the Murdoch tried and true method of gaining power by buying up all the flip flopping carpetbaggers that are so readily available in every walk of life for the sums on offer.

Might mean he has less wars to fight by military means to gain the power he so obviously craves.

Next on the list Putin France aka Marie Le Pen?

Alan Clifford said...

Piers Moron as a "spin doctor" and "adviser" to Donald Trump.

Sounds about right, actually.

Both of them are tenth rate corrupt spivs and liars.

And we in Britain can't afford to jeer too loudly - Ingham/Thatcher, Campbell/Blair and Coulson/Cameron anybody? To say nothing of the First Division crooked civil servants in Whitehall. Or the anonymous general who threatened treason if Jeremy Corbyn is elected PM. Or May's two faced hypocrisy on worker rights.

No, not too much humour here.

Hyena said...

So many hankering after jobs in the big Apple.
Still, I suppose they are lucky to have one.

Imagine a program watching them on benefits.

'From Fleet Street To Benefit Street'

I might even copyright the idea.

Somebody get the BBC on the phone!

LiamKav said...

"And we in Britain can't afford to jeer too loudly - Ingham/Thatcher, Campbell/Blair and Coulson/Cameron anybody?"

I'm not a fan of any of those people, but to put them in the same category as Trump is ludicrous. Trump has put actual literal Nazis on his team and has created a wave of white supremacy unheard of in the US for decades, on a far greater scale and with much more deliberate planning than Cameron ever did with Brexit.

Calling Trump a "spiv" sells him short by a massive degree. Theresa May is rapidly turning out to be incompetent, but until she threatens to put her political enemies in prison, there is no comparison.