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Wednesday 30 November 2016

Has Simon Danczuk Snared Another?

While most of the outpourings from Rochdale’s still nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk are routine right now, it appears he has been unable to shake off his continuing pursuit of female company, despite the litany of failure in his wake - as well as all those regrettable incidents in pubs, at and outside the Lowry Hotel, over social media, and very publicly around his holiday home in the Anglophone town of Algorfa.
Most Danczuk observers will see the usual bandwagon jumping, such as this morning’s attempt to suggest he is taking an interest in the recent revelations about sexual abuse of young men and boys at football clubs, taking to Twitter to tell “Impressed with what @DamianCollins had to say about child abuse in football, on @VictoriaLIVE just now. FA need to be more accountable”. Joining a cause when the bandwagon has already passed by the front door - yes, that’s Simon Danczuk for you.
Also on the Danczuk support list is the supremely irrelevant attempt by his pal Richard Farnell, still leader of Rochdale Council, to whip up indignation about the service provided to Rochdale by the Metrolink tram network. “Oldham & Rochdale Fight For Tram Link To Piccadilly … Council bosses say it's unfair that the two Boroughs are the only ones in Manchester who don't have direct access by tram” reads the report.
Anyone would think that Metrolink doesn’t go to Oldham or Rochdale - but of course it does. So what’s the beef? “Oldham and Rochdale Councils have secured talks about a direct tram link to Manchester Piccadilly station”. Er, what? “The Oldham-Rochdale line is now the only branch of the regional Metrolink network without an uninterrupted link to Manchester’s key station”. Oh, come off it. That is desperate.

The train service that Metrolink replaced didn’t go to Piccadilly, and if punters want to get there from Rochdale or Oldham, they just have to make a same-platform change at Victoria, Shudehill or Market Street. It’s just attention seeking rubbish. In any case, what Danczuk isn’t Retweeting is his latest female encounter.

To see this, we have to mosey over to the Twitter feed of one Edel McCaffrey, who is Head of Communications for Healthcare At Home. Ms McCaffrey attended the Political Cartoon Awards last night, which were held at St John’s Smith Square, conveniently close to Parliament. From there she Tweeted “With @SimonDanczuk at the political cartoon awards @EllwoodAtfield”. And there they are together, happy and smiling.

Who knows, this may be nothing more than a chance meeting. But it looks rather more serious than that. It looks very much as if despite two less than successful marriages, the failed liaisons with Claire Hamilton, Louise Dickens, a Twentysomething who was snapped with him outside the Lowry Hotel, the other young woman snapped outside the Lowry Hotel after the MEN party, the “sexting” shame, and claims of at least two relationships with women he had worked with, Spanker Si is still on the pull.

And if he was, then I’m sure any or all of those mentioned will be more than happy to provide a suitable character reference for him. Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

£85m being spent on linking Victoria and Piccadilly by heavy rail which will give through services to both Rochdale and Oldham from Piccadilly in 2018 and they still aren't happy.

A Kelly said...

Oh Tim! A quick look on her Facebook page would have told you she has a partner/husband.

Anonymous said...

So what? Spanker had a wife and two kids when he got Karen Burke (Danczuk) up the duff and left his family.

Fishman Dave said...

She looks a bit old for him