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Tuesday 8 November 2016

Katie Hopkins Middle East Idiocy

One thing that comes clear very soon after encountering the rantings of pro-am loudmouth Katie Hopkins is that her understanding of world affairs is, shall we say, limited. This, though, is not considered an obstacle to her sounding off on Mail Online about the situation in Syria, about which she claims to know everything, but in reality fails to understand woefully. The headline shows the paucity of her knowledge.
Viewers may want to look away now

Assad is a monster but all the pictures of dead children in the world won't change the fact that opposing him has only given us ISIS, chaos and the very real prospect of WW3” it tells, going wrong at the very start as ISIS, or whatever it’s calling itself this week, is a by-product of the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent ineptitude of those invading.

This does not deter Hatey Katey, who immediately demands that her readers Look Over There: “I don't want to see these pictures from Aleppo because they tell half a tale, just as much of the coverage of the Israeli - Gaza conflict in 2014 only told one side of the story … we were fed a consistent diet of pictures of children being hurt in by Israeli bombs in Palestine … No mention of the fact Hamas were launching rockets from the roofs of these buildings using kids as human shield [sic]”. One-sided, you say?

It certainly was: 66 Israeli soldiers and just six civilians were killed in that conflict, against a death toll well north of 2,000 in Gaza. Still, do go on. Tell us about Assad. “There is no doubt, Assad is thuggish and brutal … But no matter how repulsive the Assad regime may be, the alternative is far worse … ISIS”. Really? The same ISIS that not only attacks Assad’s forces, but also those opposed to him? It’s not that simple.

But she knows who to blame for the rise of ISIS: “Years of pathetic foreign policy decisions by Blairites, the Clinton’s [sic] and the Obama administration delivered the birth of ISIS and made Iran a super power in the Middle East”. Katie gets one of three, as Obama and Clinton (singular) were not in power when the Iraq war kicked off.

What would be Ms Hopkins’ preferred solution? Who could we turn to for help in achieving a greater understanding of the Middle East conflicts? “War is a dirty thing. But unless we are prepared to recognise our allies and work against the real enemy - ISIS - we are swiftly headed to WW3 … Clinton will take us there. She has advocated arming Islamist rebels against the Syrian regime. As Trump rightly says …

Wait, what? “As Trump rightly says”? The Combover Crybaby? A thin skinned sex pest? Someone who thinks in terms of using nuclear weapons as a first resort? Yes, Katie Hopkins has become enamoured of the thought of The Donald becoming President, so much so that she gushes “Trump will be a good friend to have in America”.

Each to their own - I prefer an occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who treats politics as a real world subject, and not an combination of personal vanity project and reality TV show. But then, Katie Hopkins, like Trump, thinks reality TV validates her opinion.

It doesn’t. Still, interesting to see another Mail Online Trump fan break cover.


Andy McDonald said...

"Years of pathetic foreign policy decisions" - translation: not bombing everything into atoms.

K. Hopkins said...

Jealousy Dahlings!

I know exactly what I say.

It's not as if I'm working for or have ever worked for these people who are happy to sacrifice people's lives for their greed such as oil.

That would never be me.

Neither do I name my children after places. That is just pompous and stupid.

L. Mensch said...


You are most welcome to come and work for me if all else fails.

K. Hopkins said...

Hi Mensch Dahling.

I would love to work for Heat Stroke.

Call me.