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Thursday 24 November 2016

Nigel Farage Is A Fraud

There is one thing that is certain about UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, and that is when he denies the latest rumour about his next political move, it’s all a bit rich, because the rumour will have also been started by him. So when he let it be known that he was considering moving to the USA, only to then deny it, it was yet another example of Farage conning the media into letting him have his cake and eat it too.
Squeaky irrelevance finger up the bum time

Hence the Independent tellingAccording to a report in The Times, friends claimed he was worried about life in Britain and had refrained from appearing in public with his family since Anti-Ukip protesters forced him to flee his local pub where he was eating with his family over a year and a half ago … They also said the Ukip MEP, who proudly announced Britain had gained its ‘country back’ after the Brexit result, would feel ‘freer’ in America where he is less well-known” is Farage putting the rumour about so he can deny it later.

Why the Murdoch goons at the Times did not see that one coming is mystifying. The idea that Farage has some kind of constraint upon his freedom in the UK is bunk. And it’s not as if he’s some kind of shrinking violet - he loves the attention he gets from the public. The only part he dislikes is that some of that public has rumbled him as a fraud.

That fraud covers not only his politics - which have zero constructive value, and are based on little more than xenophobia and some notion of bringing back an age that never existed - but his press leaks, with the Indy concluding “There has been no public confirmation of Mr Farage’s plan to travel to the US and a spokesperson for Ukip did not immediately respond to The Independent’s request for comment. A representative for Mr Farage did not respond to request for comment on reports he was moving to the US”.

He rubbishes reports he’s moving to the US, but was a full participant in the Trump and Bannon stunt designed to unsettle the UK Government and con them into installing Mr Thirsty as our Ambassador in Washington. He bleats about wanting to feel free, but his millions give him the freedom to go and live wherever he wants - not an available option for all those poor saps who have been conned into voting UKIP.

He rails at “career politicians”, but having spent seventeen years as an MEP - on the Brussels gravy train he claims to despise - and having stood for the Commons seven times, losing on each occasion, he is a career politician himself. Equally, he whines about “elites”, but this is coming from a privately educated City trader.

Farage protests that he does not have far-right sympathies, but admitted he backed Enoch Powell’s infamous “Rivers of Blood” speech, which talked of repatriation and suggested migrants should not be given the benefit of equal rights or anti-discrimination laws. He span the press a pack of lies about having had his car tampered with, which they conveniently reinvented as an “assassination attempt”.

And now we have another leak, this time that he’s off to the USA, only for him to say it’s not true. This stream of self-promotion could, of course, be stopped in its tracks - by the same press that keeps lapping up Mr Thirsty’s self-publicity. All they have to do is to ignore the SOB and his hangers-on. Until and unless they pony up something newsworthy.

Nigel Farage is just a gobby fraud. The press could, and should, leave him well alone.

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Alan Clifford said...

"Why the Murdoch goons at the Times did not see that one coming is mystifying."

Well, my guess is that it had something to do with paycheques, ripoff mortgages and proxy house ownership for a bank.

But I could be wrong. The "Murdoch goons" might just be fair-minded socially aware public servants fearlessly dedicated to telling the truth........On the other hand......