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Sunday 13 November 2016

Louise Mensch Paranoia Deepens

Two days ago, Zelo Street observed that all did not appear to be well with (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch and her Murdoch-bankrolled website Heat Street, aka Hate Street or Creep Street. The figurehead of a clicks-hungry new kid on the comment block had taken her Twitter feed private, her name had vanished from its front page, and the GamerGate “Alt-Right” she had been cultivating was deserting her.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Moreover, Heat Street had not achieved any kind of breakthrough, despite a full-time staff of 18 - plus Ms Mensch. The annual salary bill alone would run into seven figures, and then there was the cost of setting up the site and keeping it going. 
So what was the response of Ms Mensch? Sadly, in trying to suggest that I was wrong, she did everything except occupy the moral high ground. After being asked about the Zelo Street story on Twitter, she replied “Course it isn’t true. Murdoch hating @themurdochtimes RTing BS from Murdoch-hater Tim Fenton”. And it got worse.
She then talked of “false agitprop RTd by all the Putinbots” and then changed her stance on Combover Crybaby Donald Trump by trilling “It’s wonderful that @Russia will be sending @Snowden back out of respect for #PresidentElect Trump!” She’d be better advised to watch The Donald for a sly pardoning of Julian Assange.
So let me put Ms Mensch straight. @themurdochtimes, as far as is known, has not RTd me on this one, is not known to me, and has their own sources within News Corp. There is no Russia connection at this blog. And, talking of @themurdochtimes, there is more.
As this independent source put it yesterday, “Murdoch lackey @LouiseMensch fired as editor of @heatstreet. Murdochs to pull plug on site after allegedly losing $30 million @NewsCorp”. This Tweet was published while I was on an evening out in Chester, and the author of the feed is in Sydney, New South Wales. There was no collaboration.
Jake Tucker wanted to know, not unreasonably, if the story was correct. “@_JakeTucker Our NewsCorp source(s). Proven accurate 90% of the time. If Louise Mensch doesn't know yet, that's her problem” was the reply. In other words, Ms Mensch may have had the plug pulled on her website but still not be aware of it.
And there were hints as to why the Murdoch mafiosi have lavished all that money on the former MP: “Louise Mensch is a bit of a loose unit. But she knows lots on Murdochs and phone hacking. He has to employ her, or she might get a book deal … @LouiseMensch could get $5 million or more for full-blown tell all on everything she knows about Murdochs. But of course, that would be it”. That’s most interesting.
Let me also point out that neither Ms Mensch, nor anyone on her behalf, has yet been in touch to make any kind of complaint about the Zelo Street post. Given her often fleeting relationship with reality, any denial would in any case need backing up by a reliable second source. My original post stands unaltered.

Louise Mensch is not really paranoid, of course, as no-one is coming to get her.


Facing both ways said...

Lets hope she doesn't complain to the 'Blog Complaints Commission'! She must know whoever it is that Guido knows...

Alan Clifford said...

If I was Mensch I'd be worried.

Coming up on the right wing reactionary rails is Lindsey Hilsum of Channel 4 News, currently bullshitting students in a US university.

Mensch peddles openly crazy propaganda. But Hilsum is much more subtle. They should get together to get their "story" straight. Minus the "American Dream" of course because nobody believes that garbage any more.

foxytom said...

Is it possible that Heatstreet was an attempt to break the Breitbart market? And does its failure mean that Newscorp is feeling the heat (geddit?) given the possibility of losing it's grip on the angry white man market?