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Wednesday 9 March 2016

PETITION - Stop Newton Dunn’s BBC Appointment

After having passed severely adverse comment on the suitability of the Sun’s non-bullying political editor Tom Newton Dunn for a similar role at BBC Newsnight, on the basis of his past involvement in illegal information gathering, workplace bullying and spreading unfounded Islamophobia, his “exclusive” today, claiming the Queen was in favour of Britain leaving the EU, indicated more tangible action was necessary.
So a petition has been started on change.org, titled “Stop the BBC considering Tom Newton Dunn for the role of Newsnight political editor”. You can sign the petition HERE.

Newton Dunn’s appointment might temporarily appease Rupert Murdoch, but he and his attack dogs would soon revert to type and carry on demonising and smearing the Corporation exactly as before. There is no lasting value to the BBC in thinking that giving a job to one of his shilling-takers will get Murdoch to change his ways.

As long as the BBC exists, and continues to put out a credible and balanced mix of news, current affairs, drama, comedy, soaps, films, variety shows, reality programmes, quizzes, education, history and yes, sport, it makes Sky’s mission of breaking out beyond its football heartland that much more difficult. For that reason alone, while Murdoch remains a shareholder in Sky, he will oppose the BBC.

The only credible reason for the Beeb to employ Newton Dunn is on journalistic skills alone - along with his track record, which, as I’ve already told, is seriously flawed and compromised.

There is one problem there: Newton Dunn’s skill set has just provoked Buckingham Palace to make a complaint to IPSO about his latest front page “exclusive”. If any more conclusive proof of his lack of suitability for a BBC berth were needed, it arrived this morning.

So please sign the petition - and show the BBC that they would be making a serious mistake in employing Tom Newton Dunn. Even to clean the drains.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Tim.

That fellow is anathema to honest society. A piece of ugly Murdoch detritus.

I hope the petition numbers thousands of signatures.

If the BBC actually employs him it will tell us more about the BBC News agenda than it will about Newton Dunn......after all, we already know what he and his type represents. Everything that is bad and disgusting in British media culture.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. But I wonder how many potential change.org signers are lost because they are baffled by the Spanish. 'Sign' is clear enough. But 'firma'?

Unknown said...

Wouldn't it be more useful to write to the BBC Trust?