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Wednesday 23 March 2016

Katie Hopkins’ Brussels Wibble

After her recent surgery, some will have asked if pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has become a kinder and gentler person, more interested in finding out a few facts before holding forth, more likely to engage brain before mouth. Sadly, Ms Hopkins has emerged from hospital and recuperation as vicious, ignorant and intolerant as ever. So after yesterday’s attacks in Brussels, the result was a foregone conclusion.
Viewers may want to look away now

Like her fellow Mail Online pundit Piers Morgan, Katie is looking for strong leadership, because a strong leader will Do Something, although what Something is, we don’t get to find out. Instead, we get all manner of false premises, dishonesty, and the usual dumping on Scary Muslims (tm) that all her followers love to lap up.
She starts by borrowing from the equally intolerant Allison Pearson: “Next time you hear someone say we are safer IN the EU - remember Brussels. Seen as the heart of Europe, it is now jihadi central”. Then she blames “The Left”: “How about we cut from pics of dead bodies on the Metro - to more boats, happily crossing the Med. liberal left - sh*t at joining the dots”. The perpetrators were not refugees, but hey ho.
Where Katie Hopkins is going, they don’t need facts. “Every one of you who said refugees are welcome, if you said 'let them in'. You are responsible for Brussels. And you still can't see … Look at you all. Gawping at pictures of death. Fascinated by the chaos you brought to our peaceful countries. You - the left - disgust me”. Did “The Left” bomb the crap out of Syria and Iraq? Well, no they didn’t. Still, as you were. Carry on.
Go on. Draw a cartoon to the survivors, come up with a hashtag, lay flowers in a square. Just like you did last time. And will do the next”. Meaning what? How about blaming a broadcaster? “Here we are. The inevitable Muslim contributor on @Channel4News telling us why Islam is the religion of peace”. Makes a change from the BBC, I suppose.
Is Katie’s rant not being taken seriously? Then she’ll crank it up a notch: “Oh look. A cartoon, a candlelit vigil and a hashtag #JeSuisBrussels ... Wow, you guys really know how to react to nail bombs against babies … Jihadi’s [sic] are misinterpreting Islam. When Allah said kill the infidels, he didn't mean nail bombing babies #ReligionOfMurder”. Just like Louise Mensch, another armchair expert on the Qur’an.
And, for anyone doubting that this was just more Islamophobic nastiness, there was the inevitable “Any mosques lit up in the colours of the Belgium flag? No - thought not. Just celebrations in prayer houses country-wide” before the sales pitch for her latest Mail Online rant: “If Europe is willing to accept that Muslim terror is simply the new normal we can't afford to stay part of it”, which is also plain flat wrong.

Katie Hopkins is wrong about who carried out the attacks, wrong about the origins of the refugee crisis, wrong about the authorities’ response, wrong about Islam, and wrong about the EU. If Britain left, Brussels would still be the same distance from London. There was no refugee crisis in Madrid in March 2003. And no refugee crisis in London in July 2005.

If Ms Hopkins wants to be intolerant, fine, she’s entitled to her opinions. But it would help if, once in a while, she bothered to check those pesky facts before ranting.


Anonymous said...

Hopkins isn't "... vicious, ignorant and intolerant..."

She's a moron.

Audacity said...

I had cause to be in a taxi the night after the shootings in Paris last year. Most of the the taxi drivers in Bedford are Muslim, most born here but with extended families in PAkistan and Bangladesh. I always ask drivers if they've had a good night and tend to end up talking about something that's been on the news that day. So I was naturally curious as to what my driver thought about the atrocities in Paris so I just asked him.

He didn't answer immediately but I could tell that he was holding in his anger. He then launched into a diatribe about how the perps weren't real Muslims. He didn't understand their motives at all. He was demonstrably upset and clearly repulsed by what he'd been watching and reading.

On that night, I had just been dining at my favourite Turkish restaurant in Bedford. I've been there countless times and the waiters are all Muslim, attractive and friendly. The restaurant was full, there was still a nice buzz but it was quieter than usual. Both diners and waiters alike were still recovering from the shock of it all. Indeed, our waiter was almost apologetic, something that was unnecessary given that he was in no way responsible for what had happened.

A rather boring story, perhaps, but, for me it illustrates the wrongness of Katie Hopkins and her toxic ilk.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't Hopkins it's the Daily Mail who sees fit to employ monsters like her

Lloydy.53 said...

Hopkins is an oxygen thief, it's that simple.

rob said...

She'll possibly be going on about all those christians who worship a god who brought down all those plagues on Egypt next I suppose?

She has at the very least contributed to The Sun making a loss on a reduced turnover last year. Perhaps she will do likewise for the Daily Maul?

Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

"Did “The Left” bomb the crap out of Syria and Iraq?"

Well, respectively, Obama's a Democrat and Blair is Labour, so I suppose it depends on where you stand and how you define 'left'. But I think you are not accounting for the fact that Ms Hopkins is so far to the right that pretty much anyone she cares to slag off is to the left of her!