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Monday 21 March 2016

Don’t Menshn IDS

After the resignation of Iain Duncan Cough was picked over by the weekend’s papers, and he had his last fifteen minutes of fame before the host’s inquisition on The Andy Marr Show (tm), there had to be one last pointless act of support for someone who no longer needed any, as he had flounced out and would not be returning to ministerial office - not, that is, while Young Dave was in 10 Downing Street.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Who would put themselves forward to speak up for the Coughing Man? The answer could be found on the other side of the North Atlantic, where, in her comfortable Manhattan bubble, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch was having another outbreak of faux righteousness. Only she could speak up for her former colleague. The ensuing rant was all that the most discerning rant connoisseur could wish for.
First to feel the latest Mensch mauling was Ros Altmann, who had passed adverse comment on Duncan Cough: “.@rosaltmann You are a disgrace to the entire Conservative party, as much as Iain Duncan Smith is a hero to it … Good to see minister Shailesh Vara calling your principles-free attack a load of rubbish. You should be sacked”.
No sacking has yet occurred, but hey ho, there was pollster Andrew Cooper to kick, because he was Retweeting more adverse comment on the Coughing Man. “Andrew cut that out. IDS is a hero of the principled Conservative social justice movement”. Er, WHAT principled Conservative social justice movement? Then Cooper RTd someone who ventured the thought that “Truly, he was the people's blitheringly useless Work and Pensions Secretary”. Many a true word, and all that, but Ms Mensch was unimpressed.
Cooper then RTd Kate Maltby’s “Interviewed IDS when I was 16. Was pretty sure then he didn't have the capacity to make anyone PM. Let alone Boris Johnson” as well as Rafael Behr’s mildly cynical “Reasons IDS resigned: 1. Issues with George 2. EU stuff …. 4786. Taps not shiny enough in DWP loo 4787. Corbyn”. Moreover, Cooper was in power, and she, by her own choice, wasn’t. But what she was was livid with Downing Street.
So livid that she did not realise no-one would be listening: “this is a disgrace @David_Cameron pull yourself together, man. Iain Duncan Smith a Tory hero … Utterly pathetic twitter wars from the heart of Downing Street against a great man, Iain Duncan Smith, former party leader. I am ashamed … Truly, this is the weakest I have ever seen the leadership of our party, have been a loyal supporter forever. Hope they grow up”.
Then Ms Mensch put the ball in her own net in no style at all: “When Downing Street RTs a bunch of slime against Iain Duncan Smith, do they not understand voters' question will be 'why appoint him then’?” Er, why appoint HER as a PPC and allow her to become an MP?

But enough: Duncan Cough is not worth the support of even his own party. He is therefore not getting any. The idea he has any principles is absurd, he’s an appallingly dishonest politician, and the idea he is a “hero”, or a “great man”, is beyond laughable. Louise Mensch just makes herself look stupid defending him. Or even stupid period.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! The latest tory loser or fascist is always easily identified......because Untermensch appears firing her water pistols in all directions in "support."

Nothing new, mind.

When they pause their latest attack on the most vulnerable they always turn on each other.

It's like watching a gang of Sun-reading Doc Martens-wearing boot boys kick shit out of each other. Very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh reading an article from conservative home, a commenter begging for them to stop the never ending tweets from Mensch.


I apologise in advance for comments which are not relevant to this debate but I want to appeal to Mark Wallace, in his capacity as a contributor to Conservative Home, to ask whoever is responsible for choosing the Twitter content to please reduce the seemingly never ending stream of contributions from Louise Mensche

Andy McDonald said...

"Loyal supporter forever"? Really? Like when she used to vote Labour during the Blair years?

As for IDS, a liar, a cheat, a useless army officer (spent 2 years as a bag carrier while his fellows were getting shot at), and infected with the hubris only a safe seat can give you.