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Thursday 25 June 2015

Sun Pundit STILL Bullying Teenager

Today, student Abby Tomlinson, better known as the custodian of Milifandom, gets her day at Westminster, and good for her. More and more commentators have been impressed by the application and maturity she has shown on political issues, but there are always a small and all too vocal minority who revel in shouting down the young, especially if they show any sign of supporting the Labour Party.
Zelo Street regulars may remember the vicious kicking handed out by Melanie “not just Barking but halfway to Upminster” Phillips to a young Labour supporter called Rory Weal, because he had the courage to address the party conference four years ago. It’s good to see that Rory has since gone up to Cambridge. But what is not good is that the hypocrisy and bullying is now being turned on Ms Tomlinson.
And following in Mad Mel’s footsteps has come (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, still bullying the 17 year old despite suggestions she desist. Off she went overnight: “.@twcuddleston favourites 'Seema she's a moron' about @SeemaMalhotra1 then cries about it when caught. Typical #tinywhinysigny stuff … Typical @Twcuddleston day, worth exploring her 'blame and cry' method: another tweeter points out to me she favourited ‘Seema is a moron’”. Wrong Seema, but details, eh? There’s more.
I say to the tweeter, that don't mean Labour is the nasty party, it's on Cuddleston. Cuddleston's fans say she only favourited it b/c ‘pun’ … .@twcuddleston, whom I have blocked, then asks a fanboy to screenshot her tweets & pass on to me ‘Could you let Mensch know about the pun’”. But don’t expect her to make any sense.
What is Ms Mensch’s problem, anyway? Well, it’s all about being rude on Twitter. “Only, fwiw, the idea she only favourited the nasty tweet as it was pun is instantly disproved by looking @twcuddleston favourites list … Turns out 'Seema she's a moron' was faved along with 'some people are a bit slow' and 'she's incompetent' amongst others”.
And, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here. One, Ms Tomlinson has pointed out “I don't know if it's just me, but when I can't be bothered replying to people, I just fave the tweet.Am I really being moaned at for faving?” And two, Louise Mensch has no room to talk when it comes to being rude on Twitter, as witness “oh bog off Nicola, you greedy mare” directed at the leader of the SNP.
It gets worse: Nigel “Thirsty” Farage was told “bollocks. Stop lying Nigel you wretched wimp”. And the Mensch riposte to Martin Freeman, for appearing in a Labour Party video, was “It would be completely wrong and inappropriate to say ‘Fuck off, Frodo’ so I won't do it”. The problems Louise Mensch faces are not just that she is using the cover of being a Sun columnist to indulge in obsessive bullying, but that she is in no position to judge anyone else when it comes to being “nasty” on Twitter.

And don’t forget, folks, they allowed her to become an MP.


Jonathan Paxton said...

"Fuck Off Frodo" shows not just disrespect and rudeness but also a deep and utter ignorance because, as any fan of Tolkein and Jackson will tell you, Martin Freeman played Bilbo, not Frodo! And I know I should be more concerned with the rest of the stuff shes harping on about, but that mistake really sets my teeth on edge!

Andy McDonald said...

Can someone please explain to me how it is in any way earthly possible to make a living out of essentially throwing schoolyard insults around? First it was Tory Education or whatever it was called, then a seemingly endless parade of bloggers and mouthpieces. What do they actually do, aside from be rude to eachother and anyone who strays into their sights? How does this generate money, or indeed anything?

Andrew Albury said...

La Mensch seems to be letting the Conservative Victory in the General Election go to her head - I unfortunately read in her "Column" in the Sun on Sunday that the BBC would "Be brought To Heel, By legislation if necessary" -which thankfully, she will never be in a position to pass again!

I have tweeted to her that surely at Oxford she would have learned how to spell "Bollinger" Properly - not that I will expect an answer from her as I think for myself and is frightened of anybody who is not a Sheeple!

She reminds me of the story my late Uncle told me of when he worked at a Bank during the 84/85 Miner's Strike and there was a University Graduate who had to have it explained to her what a strike Ballot was!

Anonymous said...

She's absolutely unbelievable! I honestly can't believe how much time she spends harassing a 17 year old girl on Twitter. She's obsessed. Her home life must be very sad and depressing.

If I were Abby I'd wait until the next time Mensch visits the UK and report her to the police for harassment! This is getting out of hand!

p c. said...

I'd have thought that the problems LM faces are more to do with her sense of self-importance being in no way matched by any innate intelligence, real writing ability, or sense of decency.

Hashtag this and @ that is no substitute for normal discourse, but then i don't do twitter so perhaps I miss out on what might some form of sense.

As TM says - they let this twat become an MP. Maybe time now for a more normal diet of everyday stimulants. If Manhatten offers such a possibility.

Must be sad, when all your attempts at making an impression are bilge.

rob said...

Hope your problems today with Twitter Tim aren't anything to do with La Mensch's insider contacts at GCHQ ad those other spooky organisations!

Being a dangerous subversive and all that.

Laura Marcus said...

Mensch could be a minister right now if she hadn't walked away from Corby. Imagine how that feels. Stuck in Manhattan with no one who cares who she is or what she does. She could've been part of the big celebrations for her beloved Tory Party when they won an unexpected majority. She could've been a contender but she chose instead (god knows why) to carp from 3,000 miles away and spend all day and all night on Twitter lashing out at a gorgeous teenager who is going places Louise left behind.

Louise was the future once. Now she has to watch as a young, accomplished, tough, brave and gorgeous young woman steps into the limelight Louise feels is rightly hers. A young woman more than half Louise's age.

Louise could be on the front bench right now. She could have real power. Instead she'll have to watch from New York while Abby slowly and patiently climbs the greasy pole Louise ran away from.

Put yourself in Mensch's shoes. Imagine how much that must hurt her. I genuinely feel sorry for her. Mensch is now a third-rate Katie Hopkins tribute act.

hatty h said...

LM has form for harassing and attacking younger women activists on Twitter. She gets obsessed, endlessly tweeting about people, trying to encourage a pile-on from her own supporters onto those individuals. She (ab)uses her huge platform to bully and threaten. I'm astounded that she can't see how as the person with more power, she is using classic bullying techniques to single out, pick on and harass.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

If you can't find anything better to do in New York than sit tweeting about Britain all day, yep, someone's regretting the move! ;-)

Pam Smith said...

I'm always struck by the juvenile tone of Mensch's tweets when she's in 'mean girls' mode - for a professional writer she certainly has a limited vocabulary and resorts quickly to phrases like 'cry baby' that most of us left behind at primary school.

She's one of many people who benefited from Newsnight and other TV current affairs programmes becoming temporarily infatuated by Twitter, treating what happens there as newsworthy. My theory about her behaviour to Abby Tomlinson is that she was angling for an invitation to give her views on Milifandom it on Newsnight or one of the BBC's political shows.

I've felt sorry for her ever since she announced that she'd been permanently damaged by drug taking, because I think that's probably true, and mental health problems are awful to deal with whoever you are. She's obviously having problems coming to terms with being out of the media spotlight in the UK, but picking fights with people isn't a great way to get back into the news.

Anonymous said...

Mensch has form for attacking kids, though. She once attacked a 15 year old, name of Ben Lander, Twitter username @mufclander, and threatened him with her legal adviser who was a conman claiming to be Lincolnshire Police Commissioner candidate Mervyn Barrett.

He was in fact Matthew Brown, a man with more noms de guerre than Grant Shapps. Here's a bit about him; Mensch might be able to fill in further gaps.


I don't believe using menaces to minors is legal. I would assume any threat of legal repercussions would have to go through a responsible adult. Yet she and her henchman/conman went for it and how...

Victorian Dad said...

Ms. Mensch seems to be confused by Twitter's use of the word "Favourite".
It implies approval but many users use it to bookmark tweets merely for later reference.