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Monday 22 June 2015

Guido Fawked - Bad Language Hypocrisy

Last Saturday saw anti-austerity marches across the UK: as the BBC reported, “Tens of thousands of people have taken part in anti-austerity demonstrations in UK cities. The biggest march was in London, where thousands of people attended a rally outside the Bank of England before marching to the Houses of Parliament. Union leaders and celebrities including Russell Brand and Charlotte Church have addressed crowds”.
Fart in lift Inquiry seeks rogue drifter

Charlotte Church? But she’s quite well off, right? This called for instant condemnation from those out on the right, who hold that anyone not well off who criticises the rich is merely indulging in “The politics of envy”, while those of comfortable means who lend their support to those opposing cuts are to be dismissed as mere “Champagne Socialists”. No prizes for guessing which category they would use to characterise Ms Church.

And the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog then decided to be yet more creative, and take a principled and righteous view, picking at the form of words that Ms Church used on Twitter. In a post titledVoice Of Angel To Critics ‘Hopefully Your Dick Will Fall Off’”, the Fawkes folks whinge that she is self-employed and works via a limited company. Just like tens of thousands of others.
Never mind, though, there was always that Twitter feed to slag off. After one clueless right-winger had sneered “Just ruptured another testicle laughing at [Charlotte Church]” - that suggests he had no more left - she replied “Keep laughing and hopefully your dick will fall off”. Well, if he’s not got any more balls, there ain’t much more of the genitals to choose from, eh? But the Fawkes rabble was not impressed.
Seems Charlotte is finding her newfound critics rather taxing … Voice of an angel, vocabulary of a drain” they sniffed. Well, they would know about having the “Vocabulary of a drain”: take Staines’ tame gofer, the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole, for instance. Master Cole is well known for replying to those passing adverse comment with the sobriquet “Fuckety Bye”, and two examples of his art are shown here.

Moreover, Staines has no room to lecture anyone on having the “vocabulary of a drain”, as anyone who has seen Adam Bienkov’s video recorded outside London Bridge station, after Staines and Cole attempted unsuccessfully to gatecrash a Ken Livingstone media event, will know. Staines can be seen doing a very loud - and not very good - Derek and Clive tribute act after being prevented from getting to the Labour candidate.

Staines also used the F-word in his interview with Esquire magazine, recorded more recently, which for some reason he declined to publicise too thoroughly. Perhaps that had something to do with the revelation that his favourite lunchtime tipple was a bottle of Chablis - that would be a whole bottle of Chablis, for the sole consumption of Himself Personally Now. His vocabulary is hardly beyond reproach.
So that’s another routine slice of rank Fawkes hypocrisy. Another fine mess, once again.


Stephen said...

It's fairly consistent for the Right: men can swear, but if women do it they're slags, or whatever the term is these days.

rob said...

“Seems Charlotte is finding her newfound critics rather taxing … Voice of an angel, vocabulary of a drain”

I don't remember hearing of their condemnation of one fellow columnist, or should that be calumnist certainly no angel, Louise Mensch who infamously tweeted "She can f*ck off too" ("she" being the Queen no less) during the "should not be flying their flag" dispute. Perhaps theirs is the language of the swamp?