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Friday 19 June 2015

Littlejohn Islamophobia Busted

This week, First Lady Michelle Obama stopped off in the UK, and as part of her itinerary visited a school in east London. She gave an inspirational speech before an audience of clearly happy and highly motivated pupils: Mulberry School for Girls is rated “Outstanding” by Ofsted. But the school is in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and 90% of pupils are from Muslim families, so someone had to have a snark at the exercise.
Multiculturalism, Guv? Bleedin' long word, innit?!?

To no surprise at all, this duty has fallen to the Daily Mail’s tedious and unfunny churnalist Richard Littlejohn, who knows all about all things London related as he lives, er, in the northern part of Vero Beach, which is in Florida. Dicky Windbag was not happy: “Did Michelle Obama not see the irony in delivering a speech on female emancipation to a school full of girls in headscarves in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets?” he moaned.

There was, inevitably, more. A lot more: “why did Michelle Obama visit a girls’ school in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets this week? She says it was her own choice to make a speech on education at the Mulberry School for Girls. But was it? I doubt the First Lady had ever heard of the school before this trip, and probably couldn’t point to Tower Hamlets on a map”. Like Dick couldn’t point to Mrs O’s hometown of Chicago, perhaps?

The Mulberry School is probably one of the least diverse schools in Britain”. And why would that be? “More than 90 per cent of the pupils are Muslim, from a predominantly Bangladeshi background”. Unlike all those schools that have 100% of their pupils from a White and nominally Christian background, you mean? But now he’s on to whoppers: “There are more burkas on the streets of Limehouse than there are in Lahore”.

Would Sir like to pull another porkie? How about “the creeping Islamification of some areas, complete with de facto Sharia law”? Yep, that’s flagrantly dishonest. What is his problem? Ah well. It’s apparently the wrong impression being given of the UK: “Is this really the image of Britain we wish to project around the globe?” You mean that we not only tolerate all races and faiths, but encourage them to achieve and improve themselves? Shit, that’s clearly terrible, eh Dicky boy?

But you have to understand that he’s not a bigot, no sirree: “Before the usual, excitable suspects start bouncing up and down, hurling their predictable knee-jerk smears of ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’, let me emphasise that this isn’t a criticism of the girls themselves or the Mulberry School, which is rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted”. Perish the thought, eh?

That’s why Dicky Windbag follows his outburst with “QPR footballer Sandro, formerly at Spurs, has been sent back to Brazil because his work permit has expired. Not to worry. He could always make his way to Calais, hide in a lorry and hitch a ride back to London in no time. If he’s lucky, he’ll not only get a new work visa, they’ll throw in a council house, too”.

Ooh Matron, it’s Carry On Lying! Laugh? I thought I’d never start. Is this intolerant and unprincipled creep really the image of Britain we wish to project around the globe?

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