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Sunday 21 June 2015

Cameron Admits Iraq War Guilt

No, Young Dave hasn’t stood up and confessed that he and his jolly good chaps are retrospectively responsible for what Tone got us into more than a decade ago. But to follow the faintly ridiculous logic of his patronising admonishment of the UK’s Muslim population, that is the inevitable conclusion, not to mention that any communicant of the Church of Rome must be responsible for Irish Republicanism, and especially the IRA.
You Muslim cheppies over thyah! Go and sort out these ISIS coves, will you? Jolly good sheow!

This thought has not been allowed to enter as Cameron - who, having gone up to Oxford and taken a First in PPE, cannot be described as stupid in any way - has “has warned of the dangers posed by those who ‘quietly condone’ Islamic State militants' extremist ideology”. Like I “quietly condone” every criminal act that this blog doesn’t cover? Like I “quietly condone” every motorist I see on the phone because I don’t shop them?

How ridiculous is this? That, sadly, has not occurred to the right-leaning part of the Fourth Estate, like the Daily Mail, which toldCameron will urge families to oppose ideology driving young people to ISIS … Will ask parents to stop blaming police for failing to stop Syria-bound teens … Some Muslims are guilty of normalising hatred of western values, he warns … This 'quiet condoning' makes it easier for violent extremism to take hold”.

Backing up the idea of dumping all bad things done by any follower of The Prophet on all Muslims, an editorial in the Mail thundered “Cameron delivers home truth on terror … Whenever a young British Muslim travels to join the barbaric Islamic State, we hear the same deeply depressing cry: why didn’t the police and security services stop them … pretending that some in the Islamic community cannot do more to condemn extremism and root out the preachers of hate is as terrifyingly misguided as it is dangerous”.

This continues today - showing that the Mail, and Mail On Sunday, claim to be separate but in reality are not - as another editorial tellsWithin hours of the Prime Minister asking British Muslims to accept more responsibility for the militants in their midst, it emerges that his message is definitely not getting through … Beyond doubt, there are many British Muslims who stand for moderation and tolerance. Their responsibility and courage deserve praise and applause. But they are not helped by this sort of excuse-making”.

That’s quite enough. By the same token, all Catholics in the UK had to take some responsibility for the Troubles in Northern Ireland. That the vast majority of them would have no knowledge of what was going on - as with British Muslims and ISIS - would, similarly, be denounced in the right-wing press.

That would also apply to the Iraq adventure - after all, it was a decision by mainly White and nominally Christian politicians. So can we take it that Cameron, ably supported by those in the Northcliffe House bunker, will ‘fess up and tell the world that they should have done more to combat all those warlike noises?

Because that is how utterly stupid Dave and his press cheerleaders look right now.

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