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Sunday 1 December 2013

UKIP By Fair Or Foull

Latest opinion poll news suggests that all the stirring up of voters over the potential of Bulgarian and Romanian immigration has helped not Young Dave and his jolly good chaps, but Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his fellow lounge bar proper-uppers at UKIP, which if translated into General Election results would deliver Mil The Younger a handy majority and the keys to 10 Downing Street.
But the Farage fringe is still possessed of the belief that it can win some of those Parliamentary seats for itself, and so it is readying candidates even in the least likely of places, such as the town of Warrington, where both seats now have a UKIP candidate. And Warrington North will be contested for the party by one Andrew Fairfoull, whose Twitter feed is a joy to behold.
Here one can see the strange worldview that persuades people to represent a party held together by little more than the Flash Harry spivvery and fast talking of someone for whom policy is a mere inconvenience, to be shifted, perhaps diametrically, between pints. And Fairfoull’s adherence to the Farage cause is to rid our great nation of Socialism. Yes, we’ve had 75 years of Socialism.
This may come as news to those who thought that Chamberlain, Winshton, Eden, Macmillan, Sailor Heath, Mrs T and “Shagger” Major were Conservatives. Andy says you were all wrong: they were part of “75 years of entrenched socialist brainwashing”. Take that, Charles Moore! Yes, it’s only with UKIP that “the individual comes first” (never mind that the individual concerned is Nigel Farage).
And it’s no use talking to Fairfoull about social democracy, because that too is Socialism! One wonders what happens to elections under a UKIP Government. But it would be “new and unique ... the party of change”. Having looked at the antics of the UKIP crowd at the European Parliament, who turn up (on occasion) and trouser as much in expenses as possible, that doesn’t look much like change to me.
But go on. Which he does, to immigration, where there is “nothing [Cameron] can do to stop open door immigration as a result of the Lisbon treaty”. Where does one start? Freedom of movement pre-dates Lisbon, most migration into the UK is from non-EU countries – so nothing to do with the EU – and it’s a two way street. Would he like Spain to kick out the one million Brits living there?
And then Fairfoull loses it completely, and resorts to abuse. It’s not the EU, but the EUSSR.  And without it we will be wealthier! We’ll certainly be unencumbered by Jaguar Land Rover at Halewood and Vauxhall at Ellie Port, although we will have the new freedom of following Norway into stumping up billions a year to the EU without having a say in how it’s run. It’s a strange freedom UKIP wants for us.

Fortunately the likes of Andrew Fairfoull have no chance of further progress.

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