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Monday 9 December 2013

Piers Morgan’s Amanda Holden Misogyny

When James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole made his infamous comment about Suzanne Moore recently, asserting that his pal, the loathsome Toby Young, by “fisking” her criticism of their idol Michael “Oiky” Gove, “gives Suzanne Moore such a seeing-to she’ll be walking bow-legged for months”, one prompt by Ms Moore to Maily Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher brought a grovelling apology.
Yes you, smug chops

In fact, not only did Del Boy say sorry, which must have been difficult to do, given his innate hatred of anything to do with the deeply subversive Guardian, he even deleted the offending Tweet, which must be a first for him. But what would happen if someone not with a mere 17,500 Twitter followers, but well north of three and a half million of them, were to make such a crass remark?

Well, not very much, if the less than subtle swipe aimed at Amanda Holden by Piers Morgan yesterday is anything to go by. Apropos of not very much at all, and maybe prompted by the frustration that his beloved Arsenal were not going to exactly stroll through their Premiership encounter with Everton, Piers made a comparison between the Toffees and Ms Holden that he maybe should not have.
What he said ...

Everton were like you @Amanda_Holden – good shape, tough as old boots, and lethal around the box” he proffered. The response was not exactly adulatory. But thus far he appears to have got away with it, although what some of those who have been on the receiving end of what is often passed off as “banter”, when it most certainly isn’t, might think is not yet known.

Those who follow Piers Morgan on Twitter can generally forgive his longeurs about English cricket (not quite so confident after two test drubbings from the Aussies) and football mood swings about Arsenal (Arsène Wenger for the sack, er, hang on a minute, we’re winning, so maybe not), because of his commitment to causes like gun control in the US, where there all too often isn’t any.
... in response to this

But that doesn’t excuse the kind of quip that he made in response to what was little more than mild stick from Ms Holden – “What happened to the promised thrashing?” – as she is an Evertonian. As CNN’s 9pm Eastern Time weekday host is in the UK right now, he could do a lot worse than look in on his target, say he was OTT on this occasion, and for once he’s sorry.

Naughty boy, Piers. Apologise to Ms H. And try not to do it again.

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