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Friday 13 March 2020

Lucy Allan - MP For The Far Right

Sadly for the Tory Party, they decided not to take the good advice proffered by Zelo Street back in 2015 - that Lucy Allan, MP for Telford, might not be cut out for that sort of role and should be binned ASAP - so she is still in post. And in addition to her invention of death threats against her, bullying her staff and slagging off her own activists, she has now shown a worrying fondness for those out there on the racist far right.
Just how far that fondness extends was exposed not by Ms Allan, but by new intake Labour MP Zarah Sultana, who objected to one of Ms Allan’s Twitter pals. “I get enough racist abuse & threats without Tory MPs encouraging it, but here's [Lucy Allan] MP replying to a far-right account, who's calling refugees ‘Muslim males of fighting age’ & implying Labour only represents Muslims. Why did you insult me, rather than call that out, Lucy?
The account concerned, which calls itself “Stevie Brexit”, had said “Muslim Labour MP Zarah Sultana calls for the UK to take in our ‘fair share’ of 5.5 million Syrians. She doesn't mention that the vast majority of migrants on the Greece-Turkey border are Muslim males of fighting age. Only 4% of them are Syrian. Who do Labour really represent?
Muslim males of fighting age” is a racist far-right dog whistle. Ms Allan should not have gone anywhere near an account coming out with that kind of stuff. Or, indeed, “Stevie Brexit” having as his Pinned Tweet “RACE HUSTLER NAZ SHAH complains British Muslims don't feel welcome and that hate speech is on the rise. In essence, she wants British people to say that her fellow grooming gangsters, hate preachers terrorists, FGMutilators, and others who refuse to integrate are welcome here”.
Instead, Ms Allan has not merely engaged with “Stevie Brexit”, but encouraged him by telling “She’s very sweet, very well intentioned and sadly unbelievably naive”. Calling naive on others may not be Ms Allan’s finest inspiration, as one look at the kinds of people responding to that Tweet shows. She’s got an awful lot of far right followers.
The responses to her included “No she isn't. She wants to advance Islam”, “Don't be fooled by Islam, it is a religion based on deception and any true Muslim will admit it. Allah is the great deceiver”, and “That's what she wants you to believe. Jehad [sic] is a two front war against non Muslims. The first one we all know the violent crime commiting [sic] and killing kind...and the second are these who give them moral intellectual and legal support and take advantage of human rights laws!” And there was more.
Not sweet at all .... A dangerous woman who wants the islamification of Britain!” was one response. Others included “When the british [sic] public stop voting labour, import some that will” and “She is not naive. She is with her brotherhood (ummah).they are with all their brethren across the world but not the next door neighbour or own countrymen who has different beliefs when it comes to religion.want to increase their demographics to crush democracy & bring Sharia!” As Sir Sean nearly said, I think we got the point.
Whoever supervises Lucy Allan’s Twitter account needs to sort that little local difficulty out sharpish - or CCHQ needs to sort her out Period. Because if she’s engaging with the far right, and encouraging them, she should have no place in mainstream politics.

So that’s another bigot to add to the already very long list. Deal with it, Tories.
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Darren G said...

StevieBrexit believes so much in FrEeZe SpEaCh that he blocks everyone that points out his bullshit.

Before you ask, yes, the account has blocked me.