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Saturday 7 March 2020

Tommy Robinson’s Story Unravels

After Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, got himself arrested following a fracas at the Center Parcs resort in Woburn Forest, he and his fans have been pushing their narrative, insisting that the altercation began after a middle-aged man grabbed Lennon’s eight-year-old daughter’s backside in the children’s swimming pool.
The problem for this narrative is that the “children’s swimming pool” claim, along with the accusations of “Paedophile” and “Nonce” thrown at the bloke with whom Lennon had his altercation, have turned out to be at least unproven, and at worst plain flat wrong. The result is that The Great Man is still up on a Common Assault charge early next month.

Still, the narrative had to be pushed, however pointless the task, and so it came to pass that Lennon’s fan site TR News told readers yesterdayTommy received a call from Detective Sergeant Hancock on Wednesday. Pro-Paedophile Policing - Or Just Plain Negligence?” Phoning Lennon is now “Pro-Paedophile Policing”? Steady on.
Center Parcs Woburn Forest

There is more. “Bedfordshire Police officers dutifully arrested a father for the ‘crime’ of protecting his daughter and the ‘crime’ of stopping a suspected paedophile from escaping justice. The ‘would be nonce’ (child molester) was not cautioned or arrested by Bedfordshire Police officers; he was simply ‘let go’. If the modus operandi of Police forces up and down the UK are influenced by media reports of Tommy Robinson then the UK is in dire straights [sic] indeed”. As Sir Sean nearly said, I think we got the point.

But do go on. “During a follow-up call from DS Hancock, it became pretty clear that as far as he was concerned, the only reason Bedfordshire Police would arrest the ‘would be nonce’  is if there was CCTV or witnesses to the sexual assault of a minor”. Is that a problem? “Police officers do not ‘need’ evidence to arrest anyone … Police only need ‘reasonable grounds’ to make an arrest”. Yeah, like CCTV footage.
But while Lennon’s fan site is blustering “Bedfordshire Police have proven without any doubt in our minds, they were more interested in the political scalp of Tommy Robinson, protecting paedophiles and dismissing the allegations of an eight-year-old girl”, they are managing not to address his rapidly unravelling story.
The Tweeter known as Aunty Fah has addressed it: “the alleged sexual assault did not happen in a children's pool but the Wild Water Rapids … The Wild Water Rapids are not just for children but for both adults and children. When Robinson started ranting about men without children being at Centre Parcs the officer told him that was irrelevant, they are not just for families, having children is not a condition of entry”. There was more.
The police officer rang Robinson to give him an update on the investigation into Robinson's allegation, he told him that the police now have the CCTV footage and are reviewing it, are talking to Centre Parcs staff and have appealed for witnesses, Robinson was so busy ranting … he later demanded to know whether the police had CCTV footage”.
Stephen Yaxley Lennon is still up on a Common Assault charge on April 2nd. He should count himself lucky that the cops are giving his claims the benefit of the doubt.

And if the CCTV doesn’t stand up that claim, he might be in even more trouble.
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James said...

Your asking for donations for a blog thats on a free platform ����

RodJ said...

James. It's "you're asking" not your asking. Mr Fenton is asking for donations because the blog is his job. It's how he makes a living and pays the bills. The fact that the platform is free has bugger all to do with it.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Nice to hear from you, James.
Looking forward to your future thoughtful contributions.

grim northerner said...

Tommy is still a racist conman, regardless of tims actions.

Anonymous said...

Tommy doesn't care about the truth. He just lies in the hope his gullible goons will get riled up enough to start a race war. That's always been his intention, just like the time he claimed on twitter years ago that a schoolgirl was getting raped by asians in a toilet in Luton. That turned out to be a lie too, and even his EDL followers at the time didn't buy it.

No doubt that when the cctv footage doesn't back his latest story, he will resort to his usual trick by claiming that the footage was censored (on the orders of the 'establishment') in order to 'persecute' him.

Jonathan said...

Seems Tommy wants another stint in isolation ..

Anonymous said...


Tim is also using crowd funding to pay for a libel matter regarding a politician. The politican will likely allow it whilst Tim made one mistake and politicians get away with things they say and do TENFOLD!

Personally, I don't think Tim should be paying a penny for reasons above and if I can assist in helping, I will regardless.

The whole point of punishment is for people to be hit financially. Same with TR.

Anonymous said...

How old was Yaxley-Lennon when he had his first sexual encounter?
Presumably he's such a stickler for the law on sex issues he was what,16 or over?

Jonathan said...

All TR is a simple little Fascist who for whatever reason has stumbled upon a gift to separate Mr or Mrs Gammon from their money and give it to Tommy so he can live the high life.

He's just another fraudster selling a lie to the masses to get their cash, what makes TR dangerous is there has been a Cult of Personality created around him by the media, the RW slebs and the Gammonites.

It's time the Criminal Justice system went after TR's ill gotten gains and seize his property.

Marg said...

You all obviously have no problem with an eight year old girl being groped in a swimming pool if she happe s to be to be Tommy Robi sons daughter. You are all disgusting. The hatred for TR is beyond normal. You need help.

Anonymous said...

spot on marg , I wonder how many spouting crap have seen all his videos and done there own research

Anonymous said...

What if the cctv shows the man groping his daughter....? This article is just full of spin and garbage. If youve listened to the phone call with the police then you would have heard the place it happened in the pool area clarified. And if you havent watched Tommys Oxford Union speech you should before you pass judgement on the man. I hated him until I learned to think for myself and saw the other side to the story.

Anonymous said...

It's important to get to the truth of what happened here. The allegation is a serious one: a man sexually assaulted a minor, admitted it, and yet goes free because the minor in question is the daughter of someone the police hate.

This blog implies that TR was railing at Centre Parcs staff for allowing single men to use facilities that were not exclusive to children or families. Is that true? If so, it's completely unacceptable and manipulative behaviour on his part. It means he could have easily just picked on a random guy who doesn't have kids (single men are an easy target for his trad-con right fanbase) and then used it as an excuse for assaulting that man when the police arrived, saying "I was trying to protect my daughter".

The whole business is as clear as mud. It's true that TR has some serious enemies in the establishment and in the police, who could possibly have set up this situation. It's also true that his supporters hang on his every word and always believe what he says, and, knowing that fact, he takes regular opportunities to get in the news and remain relevant.

The police need to make it clear why they didn't arrest or charge the man accused of the sexual assault, whether that CCTV exists and whether they've reviewed it, etc. Tbf, neither the police nor TR are credible. What are the facts?

Unknown said...

What difference does that make ffs? If your child said someone had felt them up what would you do? I know I would have flattened him!

Unknown said...

Well said Marg

Name said...

It seems that a fella has been arrested for the incident at center parcs.