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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Left’s Virus Response Spooks The Right

Those out there on the right have been on a hair trigger for some days now, fearful of what the left might do in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Even the benign suggestion from Labour Party chair Ian Lavery that members should get involved in community organising, to best help the most vulnerable in those communities, precipitated a howl of protest from the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog.
Charlotte Gill ...

So it should surprise no-one that Charlotte Gill, now for some reason gifted a berth at Conservative Home, has gone OTT in no style at all at the prospect of ordinary people and their representatives taking the opportunity to organise and advocate for workers to get a better deal, including having the audacity to demand compensation, including sick pay, for those facing poverty, having been forced to accept zero hours contracts.

Ms Gill, demonstrating why she should be in the vanguard of those emptied out of the think tanks and comment factories and sent to help get in the harvest - given that the EU migrant workers have gone home, just as the Brexiteer right wing wanted, and there is an impending labour shortage in that area - has told her remaining readersHow the Left is exploiting the Coronavirus for political gain”. Which the right isn’t, oh no.

So it must have been a figment of the imagination to read all those calls for the lockdown to be lifted on the pretext of getting the economy going, from people as diverse as the Sun’s lie-peddler emeritus Trevor Kavanagh, and Dan, Dan The Oratory Man. The calls from the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance for greater austerity after the crisis passes - meaning those at the bottom of the pile suffer yet more - must have been a mirage.

Still, on ploughs Ms Gill, asking plaintively “Will the Left try to exploit the Coronavirus to advance a political agenda? There are increasing signs that this is the case”, citing the Fawkes massive as an authoritative source (er, no) and whining about Lavery’s call for Labour members to volunteer within their communities.
... and her new hero

Especially taxing to Ms Gill is The World Transformed, and its promotional literature telling “As the impacts of the Coronavirus crisis continue to ramp up in the UK and beyond, it’s becoming clearer day by day that we cannot rely on Boris Johnson and this Tory government … there is still huge scope for traditional workplace organising and tactics such as strikes to be successful”. Why does this spook her and her pals?

Even in the dark days of World War 2, strike action was not uncommon, and remains the weapon of last resort for organised labour. But Ms Gill does not consider that, instead getting herself terribly worked up because Grace Blakeley talked about a deepening of democracy in a future where more organisations may come under state control. Because they would have to be bailed out by … well, We The People.

The problem the right has here is that, when faced with a crisis of this scale, and seeing their usual solution - free market capitalism - unable to provide the solution, they become defensive and dig out the “Red Scare” tactics so beloved of the paranoid tradition in the US right in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Ms Gill is unable to otherwise explain why a few left-wingers using social media is going to bring about a collapse in society.

If Conservatives can’t provide the answers to our problems, what is the point of them?
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Colin Carroll said...

We're all big govt loving socialists now Charlotte.
Tufton St has not an answer for this hopefully it's days are numbered.

Steve Woods said...

One part of Ms Gill's nonsense that Tim failed to quote that made me laugh was the following:

"One of the main speakers was Helen O’Connor, an organiser from the trade union GMB, who has been campaigning for Lewisham Hospital cleaners to get paid “after they walked out over nonpayment of wages”.

Presumably Ms Gill expects cleaners to work for free.

David said...

"If Conservatives can’t provide the answers to our problems, what is the point of them?"

I believe they are being considered for use in labs testing vaccines. It is thought the results are no better than those obtained from the traditional rat, but the researchers get less attached.

Anonymous said...

The tragedy is not that crooked-mouth Gill is an anomaly. It is that she actually represents a persistent far right reactionary strain running through Westminster and Whitehall. She and other obvious corporate media goons are merely jobsworth mouthpieces.That has been the disgusting "norm" for decades. Don't kid yourself it will go away any time soon, not even in the aftermath of the latest avoidable disaster.

We are only in the foothills of great social change. But right now it is much more likely to go the way of Germany 1933 than Britain 1945. Unless sufficient people have the courage to say enough is enough, organise and rid themselves of an evil socioeconomic system.

Until then this sad, betrayed country will have to listen to the braying of ludicrous morons like Gill, the Daily Heil, Murdoch Scum and BBC tories.

Bwana Mrefu said...

Mark Wallace, also of Conservative Home, got a slapping down for a similar go at "lefties exploiting Coronavirus" when he chose to be snide about Dr Rosena Allin-Khan and her appeal for more testing. RAK is actually working in A&E, whilst MW sits at home dreaming sad ad homs and apparently getting paid for it


Anonymous said...

David at 12:14 - you owe me a new keyboard!

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Thanks, David. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

@anONYMOUS 14.50

Nice ad for the alternative...

You fail.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, our misogynist contributor believes the 'far right' are under his bed. With the hoarding going on, his supply of tinfoil has dried up.