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Thursday 19 March 2020

Farage Uses Crisis To Whip Up The Mob

One point well made by South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha, during her interview last weekend on The Andy Marr Show™, was about racially motivated attacks on Asian people: “I can’t tell you how many incidents I get reports of, Asians, not just Koreans, being verbally abused, even physically attacked in other countries. And this, governments have to take responsibility to stop this kind of incident because that is not helpful to generating the spirit of collaboration that we absolutely need to overcome this challenge”.
And that is because less principled politicians are trying to rile up their base by framing the Coronavirus as “Chinese”, with Combover Crybaby Donald Trump being in the vanguard. Typical of his Twitter tirades on the subject was “I always treated the Chinese Virus very seriously, and have done a very good job from the beginning, including my very early decision to close the ‘borders’ from China - against the wishes of almost all. Many lives were saved. The Fake News new narrative is disgraceful & false!”.
One Tweeter reminded The Donald “1. It's the coronavirus, asshole … 2. If that's too many syllables, then try COVID19 … 3. Calling it Chinese Virus endangers Chinese Americans … 4. You said it was a hoax … 5. You said it would be down to zero … 6. You said it was contained … 7. None of those things = a very good job”.
Trump is a liar, and has been seen to be a liar. But that thought was not allowed to enter for arch Brexiteer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, who, like his pal Trump, was looking to make capital out of the Covid-19 pandemic by claiming that he knew more about it than anyone else. He has done this by lying and scaremongering. Just like his pal.
Corporate America is standing with [Trump] in this emergency. Big contrast to the UK”. Asked any of them? No, thought not. Have another go. “Sunak’s measures today were important, very much in line with France”. They intercoursing were not. Président Macron and his team aren’t offering loans to businesses. But then came the China blaming.
It really is about time we all said it. China caused this nightmare. Period”. Not stirring up the far-right to go attacking anyone who looks a bit far eastern, is he? Er, yes he is, and just in case you didn’t get that the first time, here it is again: “It is time we all challenged the Chinese regime. Enough is enough”. Let’s blame someone else. Again.
And for anyone who didn’t get the underlying nastiness in that, he Retweeted Charlie Kirk, the singularly unpleasant figurehead of Turning Point USA, ranting “In the age of Trump -we’ve learned that the media is hellbent on spreading disinformation and lies. So if we don't speak the truth, who will? [Nigel Farage] is right and its time we all listen: China caused this pandemic. They should be forced to pay”.
Charlie Kirk and Nigel Farage wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up in front of them and kicked them in the undercarriage. But they are both very good at shouting “liar” and “fake news” at media outlets they dislike, in order to, once again, rile up their base.
The situation with Covid-19 is serious. It is serious enough that no responsible politician should be going anywhere near leveraging it to whip up the mob.

That Nigel Farage is doing just that tells you all you need to know about where he’s at.
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grim northerner said...


tedbangor said...

Anyone want to place bets as to how long it is before Nigel says Michel Barnier testing positive for coronavirus is some sort of (leftist. Corbyn, commie, etc) plot to stop Brexit?

Of course, it's more likely an excuse the Johnson will use to push through No Deal, at the end of the year.

PS: Good luke to Mr. Barnier and anyone else with the same results. (Note: Nigel et al, that's how empathy works)

Anonymous said...

Appalling little shit. We've got more than enough problems without any of his'interventions'. He and all the other shits intent on incitement (because that's what it is) need - at the very least - ignoring. Better still: de platform the bastards until the storm has passed.

AndyC said...

Whilst every attempt must be made not to apportion blame in any way that results in verbal/ physical abuse against people who knuckle draggers like Farage's supporters think are at fault purely by looking 'Eastern', the fact remains that the odious regime in Beijing must take full responsibility through their crass actions of turning a local drama into a global crisis.

Their initial denial and subsequent censorship, and then their persecution/ arrest, and for some even worse, of brave medical personnel who raised the alarm in Wuhan meant that precious weeks were wasted in getting to grips with the epidemic. They might also, when this pandemic subsides, address the illegal meat markets (probably protected by corrupt local officials) and the fondness of many in South China for eating creatures on the more 'exotic' side of the animal kingdom.

It might also be an idea, worldwide, for governments to promote at the least, a more vegetarian diet for many of us; even vegan. I am neither but I am losing my inclination for meat. One thing my local shops arent short of at present is a wide variety of vegetables.

I Tell Ya! said...

To think some people still work until their late 60's because they have no choice. While others should never be allowed to because they are dangerous fucks!

Notice the government didn't make the 'stay at home' cut off point aged 60?

That would be a large percent of the population. It was all crafted carefully from a government that supposedly gives a shit about society.

It is easy to roll out of bed for 60-75+ grand a year (with extras) and turn up anywhere you choose on a self-employment basis - dear Westminster.

PS- when a minister is sacked from any position - they should be sacked from politics entirely!

Nobody likes a shithouse. Especially one on stupid money.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same O'Neill of Spiked who allowed a Barrister some time in a magazine to speak about underage sex but was horrified at the thought of Prince Andrew possibly having underaged sex and O'Neilly went to lengths to try and publicly jump on the bandwaggon to ridicule him? Because it was a royal?

Selective objective.

This horseshit demeans real victims. Do Stop speaking outside of your expertise because you want what you can get.

Andy McDonald said...

I suspect that Grim Northerner is trolling, or trying to parody the typical right wing poster. That or they've flipped.

Anyway, GN, it were reet, but now move on to the next gag.

grim northerner said...


grim northerner said...

Last time...i promise!

grim northerner said...

Does farage EVER release his farts?