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Sunday 29 March 2020

Boris Facebook Bot Army BUSTED

For someone out there, the idea of the Tories enjoying a 52% poll rating, or alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson enjoying yet higher approval ratings for his handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, are just not enough. No opportunity for shameless propaganda can be allowed to go to waste, no matter how obvious.
So it was that a number of Facebook groups, often community groups, saw the appearance of pro-Bozo messages the other day. The problem for whoever is propagating them is that not only are the messages poorly punctuated and ungrammatical, but that they are uniformly so. The message was the same. Only the groups varied.
Bedworth’s Community Page … Upton [Upon Severn] Parish Notice Board … Sandbach Sarcastic Society … The Modern Barbersand Memory Lane UK. A diverse selection of groups, but the same message. That concludes Bozo is doing A Very Good Job.

Here’s the text. “This is Boris. I never voted for him, in fact I actively vilified him. What I've seen over the past 2 weeks is a man who is clearly working exceptionally long hard hours. A man who is facing something that no nations [sic] leader has had to deal with in living memory. A man who has found out this job is far more than waving a plastic flag and hiding in a fridge. The babbling buffoon act has been dropped for something far more serious”.
There is more. “And hes [sic] doing well.... in fact I think hes [sic] doing a pretty fucking bang up job if I'm honest. He takes hard and real questions every night and answers what he knows and refers to people who know better when needed. He holds it together like a leader should and is there every day telling you what the best thing to do is to protect and save the people you love”. And more, as the real grovelling begins.
Listen to the man in charge. Hes [sic] our Prime Minister. Might not be the one we wanted, but might well just be the one we need. And let's not forget he got us HS2. Peace & stay healthy x”. Got us HS2 in the same way he got Londoners Crossrail - by managing not to cancel something that had already been started by someone else.

Some Facebook groups seem to have removed the text, while others are still propagating it, or having it propagated. But every time it appears, it’s the same text, with the same mistakes, and the Cummings key word “babbling”. All of which begs one question.
If Bozo is doing so well, and is so popular, why is there any need for crude and ungrammatical propaganda to be posted all over social media? A variant has even appeared on Twitter. Someone feels awfully insecure right now.

Or perhaps that someone knows things are about to get a lot worse. Just a thought.
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Anonymous said...

Anybody who believes those "poll ratings" will believe in the tooth fairy.

I get round the country regularly* and I've yet to hear ANYBODY have a good word for the cretinous Bozo divvy.

*Until the last few weeks.

Oh Doh Eaters said...

"These Facebook pages really are Facebook pages."
"It's the arsehole."

David said...

Same on the Guardian, "I'm no fan of Boris but..."

Comments pointing out the similarities are likely to be moderated. I wonder if Dear Sonia does a stint as a (Chief) Moderator?

Darren G said...

That first paragraph is all over twitter as well. Knew it seemed too much if a coincidence

Rivo said...

I've seen several people I know posting or re-posting pretty much those exact words. And it drives me insane - his incompetent bungling and waste of the two week lead we had over Italy to prepare is criminal and why we are in the dire straights we are in now...

Pam Smith said...

It's a relief to see this exposed as bot activity. I was starting to wonder if there was something in the water.

Mind you, i've also seen several people suggesting that Bojo's dose of Covid 19 is just a ruse to avoid answering questions! And I don't think those suggestions were coming from bots, just people who noticed how much he lies!

JO said...

If you think BoZo the Clown is doing a good job then you need your head examined.

Andre Dee 3000 said...

The figures in the UK are probably way off what they actually are because of the ridiculously small number of testing kits used to locate sources and the appalling policy of Boris Johnson (the death clown as I have took to calling him) of 'herd immunity' - which was basically 'let the population contract it to protect the economy going at all costs, and if your granny dies: too bad.'The lazy bastard and Grimma Wormtounge ain' t sppining their way out of this shit show.

The media have got it pretty much stitched up over here and the BBC are as uncritical of the Government as a beaten dog is to a brutal master.

History will speak differently of this top chump, however. Johnson will be to public health and safety as Nero was to town planning. We had weeks on this and he did absolutely nothing. The response was pathetic.

I hope to God, it is not too little too late--I also think it is bullshit he actually has Covid 19 because he knows, that we know, how much he has fucked this up.

Unknown said...

Spot on! Couldn’t put it better!

Steve Woods said...

From Campaign: "Downing Street calls in election gurus to overhaul coronavirus comms".

Could they be the people responsible for the bot army?

Neil Baker said...

Yes, have seen this bs all over Facebook and thought the same. Let's not forget the tory party openly used Cambridge anylitica to sway the electorate. That was a massive story, but they got voted in again in 2019 (or not?)

Flashbomb said...

I'm no fan of Boris, but.....he's doing a really crap job, and we couldn't have had a worse person leading the country at this time. There, fixed it.

drew-s- said...

Yes, Dad jokes UK had a load of accounts that joined in the last 3-4months and they were the only ones posting nasty pro Johnson messages.
Nasty towards members who had been around a hell of a lot longer.

jonathan C said...

A most excellent response.

old and a lot wiser than doris. said...

I don't think for a minute any of them have had the virus..just seen handcock and he looks remarkably well ,my two son's about his age both absolute key workers(handcock is certainly not) both supposed to be mild cases and are unable to even converse for any length they are so weak...both my sons are very fit as their jobs demand it.

Michael Bridge said...

Boris lied. People died.