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Tuesday 10 March 2020

Tommy Robinson Fans Speak

While Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, continues to tell anyone who will listen that the cops let an alleged paedophile off the hook when they arrested him at the Woburn Forest Center Parcs resort recently on suspicion of common assault, his fans have been attempting to show their support.
For rather a lot of them, that has involved posting untrue, abusive, and often defamatory comments on those online news sources and blogs that have failed to unequivocally support The Great Man. For the diehard Lennonista, whatever he says automatically becomes the pure and unvarnished truth, or as he himself would call it, “THE TROOF”. Anyone not conforming to this standard has to be attacked.

This includes Zelo Street. Now, normally this kind of thing is just consigned to the spam bin and no more thought is given to it, but today I’m giving Zelo Street regulars a glimpse into the mindset of Team Tommy. Starting with the relatively mild “You are really not going to mention the video of his daughter telling what happened while crying? You are a dishonest one sided source”. No, I’m not going to exploit children. Next.

Some Lennon fans do not understand that what their hero puts before them might not be, shall we say, evidentially sound. Still, there’s always good old abuse: “Ah this is a blog of paedophiles and terrorists [sic] friends, i [Capitalisation missing] see”. This was left by yet another commenter called Unknown, demonstrating that when it comes to Team Tommy, no man is of perfect courage. And talking of bad grammar, here’s another.

The asian [Capitalisation missing] man has admitted grabbing the childs [sic] bottom and claimed it was accidental. So I suggest the piece of crap author of the above incredibly biased article do [sic] some proper research before blatantly misleading his readers! P.S. I hope you don't have young kids”. Yah boo, I think you stink, why don’t you go and jump in a vat of your own excrement! And this Unknown invents an Asian man.
It’s touching that Lennon’s fans believe that only their hero researches his output. And takes his word as fact. Like the Anonymous who brought forth this pearl of wisdom: “I would urge people here to actually go and watch the footage for themselves rather than stay in the bubble. Anyone supporting a pedo [sic] rather than an 8 year old girl for purely political reasons (even far left activist ones) is sick in the head”.

Rather than not believing someone who has made a career of being less than totally honest, this means. And finally we come to “*No witnesses* to the sexual assault. Apart from the testimony of the victim? You utter scumbags. And the thousands of other girls who have been raped and tortured by these savages? I suppose their eyewitness accounts mean diddly squat? You lot are despicable and complicit in the systematic rape of our innocent youth. I suggest you heed the warnings of Jesus Christ regarding protection and care of children”. Peace be with you too, matey.

Showing that once Lennon’s fans have drunk the Kool-Aid, they remain drunk. Those who don’t trust The Great Man to tell THE TROOF are smeared as being complicit in rape. And, in the retelling, remember, it’s an Asian man and we’re talking SAVAGES here.

Meanwhile, Stephen Lennon is in court on April 2nd. Whether his fans like it or not.
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Anonymous said...

All that proves, Tim, is that you are right and they are wrong.

Which is good enough for me.

And enough to send "Tommy" and his mob into a tail spin.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Mmm, Tim. I'm worried about your 2nd 'sic' in the third example.

Could not 'I suggest the piece of crap author of the above incredibly biased article do some proper research', rather than being a grammatical error, actually in fact be the first recorded sighting of the subjunctive mood employed in an EDL-related context?

Credit where it's due..........

Ferdy Fox said...

Unfortunately, the nut-jobs in society hear only what they want to hear. The last time that happened in large enough numbers didn't end too well as I recall.

Anonymous said...

Who supported the alleged paedophile? No comments of that kind seen anywhere I've looked.

Still thick as pudding.

Is Rich Price out of jail yet?
You know, the ex-EDL who somebody claimed the gubbermunt had porn planted on his pooter!