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Saturday 21 March 2020

Covid-19 - Godders Is A Moron

At times like this, we need those prepared to think outside the box, hold Government to account, suggest new ways of tackling problems. Instead, we get boneheaded bigots like Godfrey Bloom, so wacko that he was thrown out of UKIP. Godders has decided that he knows more about the Coronavirus outbreak than all those silly scientists.
As a result, he can airily dismiss the concerns raised, even by those who have had the misfortune to contract Covid-19. This he duly did after Mark Webster - someone on his side of the political spectrum - warned him “Godfrey doesn’t seem to think that people with health issues dying is any big shake or that 50% of over 60’s have co-morbidities. I’ve had this SARS virus for 5 days now, even I’m really struggling to shift it. I can run a 3hr marathon btw. Listen to distraught Italian doctors”. Was Godders listening?
Was he heck. “Not my view, my view is seasonal flu carries away far more old sick people than Coronavirus. We must therefore be more pragmatic about our allocation of national resources. I am not interested in saloon bar punditry”. One, how does he know how many “old sick people” Covid-19 carries away? And Two, he IS saloon bar punditry. Do go on.
No cases amongst the healthy in Howdenshire. No deaths. My wife is a medic as are many of her friends, the feed back we are getting is unnecessary panic caused by MSM. Yes nasty, horrible & sad for old & sick, but nowhere near Hong Kong flu 1968”. No citation, nor will there be. Bloom is all wind and piss, to quote the Yorkshire vernacular.
And to prove it, he then wibbled “Well, we didn't close our pubs in the blitz. 60,000 people killed then. What happened to our nation?” YOU STILL CAN’T CATCH THE BLITZ.
But he does know it’s all just hysteria. “Let's take a logical progression of response. If a group of people are banned from gathering in a pub, we must ban people gathering everywhere. The Tube, shops, mosques, TV studios etc. Why pubs ? I'll tell you why, HYSTERIA KNOWS NO LOGIC”. Mosques - yes, it’s the Scary Muslims™ at fault.
Can it get worse? Don’t ask. “Some more facts for the headless chicken tweeters. Spring Equinox and Rise in Solar UV Radiation Will Predictably Bring Mild Epidemic to an Aburpt Halt (Except for Quarantined Populations)”. Yes Godders, from Lou Rockwell’s site, whichhas been criticized for presenting articles which advocate AIDS denialism, the view that HIV does not cause AIDS, and the claim that vaccines cause autism”. Wacko nonsense.
On he went, sneering at estimates of potentially hundreds of thousands of Covid-19 deaths: “'Couple of hundred thousand dead’. More MSM hysteria. Do the numbers people”, agreeing with his pal Martin Daubney (no comment) “But I say again, hysteria knows no logic”, and finally showing where his true interests lay.
After seeing that driving tests are to be largely suspended for the next three months, Godders sniped “Anyone know if the neo criminal speed awareness courses have been suspended?” As with so many on the wacko libertarian fringe, it’s all about the freedom enjoyed by Himself Personally Now to break the law while using the Queen’s Highway.

Godfrey Bloom’s Coronavirus ignorance would shame a moron. No change there, then.
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zen_lobster said...

I love this continual harping back to the Blitz, as if people used to walk around the East End whilst the Luftwaffe were dropping their bombs, bravely going to the pub and shops.

Bloom is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

"Blitz Spirit" is propaganda bollocks and always was. It was far more likely you would have had your corpse robbed of jewellery or the bombed remains of your house looted.

Anonymous said...

The guy should be sectioned.

He's another tory sociopath.

squizzler said...

At least this chap is being consistent. Not one of those fair weather change deniers who suddenly have a Damascene conversion about the benefits of scientifically based policy when it comes to a threat that will imminently affect their age group.

I am quite optimistic about this bug allowing us to draw down the curtain on the 'post truth' age. As for the continual WW2 analogies, compared to the last time we had to rid the world of fascist populism in the 1940s, this bug might do the job for us with many fewer deaths and destruction.

Darren G said...

Fyi his wife treats horses and not humans.

The Toffee (597) said...

He's right about closing the boozers; a major side effect is that it's forced senile owld twats like him to spout their pub bore drivel onto social media.

awh1956 said...

He is fairly old so perhaps the Country will be relieved of his bollocks.

Anonymous said...

Trump and Boris both bring the world to a standstill; Two fucking cretins who are not fit for office in the first place will leave a legacy that we know will cost more than a 330 billion bailout deal and one which will prove why two filthy turds who can't control their dicks let alone a crisis are not fit to be elected again. The ripple effects will go on for a long time.

With their blonde hair and blue eyes, I don't know who is more proud of them, Hitler, Keith Murdoch & son or the Daily Mail.

MI5 will be given total control over the government in a game of switcheroo.

That's the plan folks. As long as it gets rid of the Murdoch Dynasties and the creepy hangers-on.

You should all support it.

Please do!