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Monday 9 March 2020

Trump Fans Discover Coronavirus Is Real

It’s possible that most of the population will not contract the Coronavirus, and that if they do, for many the experience will not be much worse than a bad cold or an episode of the flu. But what is not in doubt is that the virus is real, a threat to health, and should not be used as some kind of totem of cheap political tribalism. Not anywhere.
But tribalism is the word in the USA, where Combover Crybaby Donald Trump has given the impression that Covid-19 is some kind of hoax dreamed up by his opponents. After the first Citizen died, he “clarified” his claim: the hoax was merelywith regard to Democrats and what they were saying”. But some of his fans had already made up their minds.
As the Mirror has reported, “A woman at a pro-Trump rally provoked the rage of the internet when she dismissed the deadly virus as a liberal hoax. Her objection, it turned out, was that she doesn't trust the Democrats … She also dismissed coronavirus, which has killed more than 3,000 worldwide, as a ‘nothing burger’”. She may be reconsidering soon.
That is because someone who was infected with Covid-19 attended this year’s CPAC, interacted with several high-profile right-wingers, and brought home the reality of what Trump and his pals are facing: declaring victory, which he has effectively done, will be of no use when the virus rampages through the Republican leadership.
So it was that Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam told “I have now spoken to a number of people who were in/around the green room at CPAC when the attendee with coronavirus was there. People are apoplectic about how they have not been better informed of what happened. The attendee was there for much of Thursday at LEAST”. And the result?
The reason I am tweeting this: I have been flu-sick unwell for the past week and now I am finding out there are people I was in direct contact with who were in direct contact with the infected … Everyone at the CPAC Shabbat dinner should be checked. The attendee was there … Furthermore, the attendee may have been in/around the green room just after the Vice President was present. If Ted Cruz came into contact, and so did Paul Gosar, that places the gentleman in the green room between 1pm and 5pm”. There is more.
I now know that Rep. Gosar met the person and within the next hour I was shaking Gosar's hand across the street”. Transmission is that easy. Kassam details some of those who may have interacted with the infected person, and warns “In order to have been at CPAC Shabbat, the individual would have had to be have been present on the Friday”.
Is that bead enough? Maybe it is, but it gets worse. “Some other information circulating right now is that there were actually TWO people at CPAC infected. They may be the SAME people as the AIPAC guests. They shared a room throughout CPAC”. Covid-19 may, as I type, be rampaging through the ranks of AIPAC and CPAC attendees. But their President played down the threat, and testing in the USA has been a shambles.
It is the most undesirable manifestation of Karma: you don’t think it’s serious? Give it a few days, then when you get sick, try that claim again. Meanwhile, I wish “call me Ray” a swift recovery - so I can keep taking the piss out of the witless SOB.

You can’t talk down a virus infection. Some Trump fans are in for a very rude awakening.
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Nigel Stapley said...

"Covid-19 may, as I type, be rampaging through the ranks of AIPAC and CPAC attendees."

I hereby nominate Covid-19 for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

And you claim there is no God!