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Friday 20 March 2020

Meghan Date Confirms Tabloid Lying

The power of the press rests sometimes not on what they are prepared to print, but what they are not, and nowhere has that been seen to better effect than their obsessive and creepy pursuit of the Duchess of Sussex, who has committed the heinous crime of not being a good Royal and allowing the more creative elements of the tabloid press to invent as many whoppers about her as can be fitted into their admittedly empty heads.
Normally, the tabs, and especially the likes of the Sun and Mail, will publish anything and everything even remotely Meghan related. But when a teaser for the Hollywood Raw podcast, featuring actor Simon Rex, told “Rex dropped a massive bombshell about how British tabloids tried to bribe him into speaking ill about his one-time date with Megan Markle” earlier this week, there was no comment. None at all.

The Just Jared site went further this morning: under the headline “Simon Rex Was Offered $70,000 to Lie About Meghan Markle & Their Relationship”, they tell “Simon Rex says that several British tabloids contacted him and offered him large sums of money to lie about his relationship with Meghan Markle … The 45-year-old actor says that he never actually dated Meghan, but they ‘hung out’ and went on one lunch date”. There was more.

‘Nothing happened. We never even kissed. We hung out once in a very non-datey way’, Simon said on the Hollywood Raw podcast. ‘She was just someone I had met on a TV show and we got lunch. That was the extent of it … When that story broke, a couple British tabloids offered to pay me a lot of money to say a lie that we actually hooked up. I said no to a lot of money because I didn’t feel right lying and f–king up the royal f–king family.’

One reason the tabloids may be reticent to report that item is that they had already inflated the relationship between the Duchess and Rex beyond the point of viability. Both the Murdoch Sun, and the Daily Mail which lifted the Sun’s story, claimed that the Rex and the Duchess had “snogged”. The Sun claimed to have had an exclusive chat with Rex. But after what he said to Hollywood Raw, it looks increasingly like it was all made up.
Simon Rex - not short of $70,000

As to who might have been offering $70,000 for a proper dishing of the dirt, well, there are no admissions so far, but one only has to look at who is currently attacking the Duchess to get an idea of who it might be. That is because our free and fearless press will not allow stories to pass which make them look bad without doling out a kicking in return.

And guess what? Hollywood Raw podcast comes out last Monday, and by Wednesday the Sun is telling readersMeghan and Harry ‘still desperately hoping to visit Queen at Balmoral’ despite coronavirus outbreak”. The following day, the Daily Mail’s alleged “Royal diarist” Richard Kay pompously blusteredHarry and Meghan's preachy post showed a fundamental misunderstanding of the Royal Family's mystique”.

His condemnation of the Sussex’ Instagram post managed to summon up all of two social media critics. That, though, together with the Sun, tells me which way my Occam’s Razor should be pointing right now, as to who attempted to bung Simon Rex $70,000.

The tabloids are still sour as hell at losing the Duchess. And it’s still not their fault.
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Anonymous said...

Surely, SURELY, this is criminal behaviour.

I hope Rex has the bottle to name names on this.

grim northerner said...

The Sun would roll over and crush his skull like a skynet controlled tank if he named them. If they are going for royals with impunity, what hope does a hapless pleb have against the toxic behemoth?