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Tuesday 3 March 2020

Tommy Robinson Arrested AGAIN

And so Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, went with his family for a fun day out at the Woburn Forest Center Parcs. It was there, in the dome that contains the swimming pools, that he became embroiled in an altercation with another man. It may even have been a fracas. But the upshot of the altercation can be put very plainly: Lennon has been arrested on suspicion of committing Common Assault.
The problem with anything regarding Lennon, though, is that there is the factual version, and the version that he and his supporters have devised, embellished, and disseminated in the meantime. So it is with the incident at Center Parcs. In this case, that difference is a yawning chasm. So, first of all, let’s head over to the Mirror for the factual take.

Far-right extremist Tommy Robinson has been arrested after a fight broke out at a holiday park. 37-year-old Robinson got into a row with another man in the pool at Woburn Forest Center Parcs in Bedfordshire. Witnesses claimed that Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, confronted another man before punching him in the face”.

There was more. “Bedfordshire Police confirmed that officers were called to reports of an altercation between two men at the holiday park at around 1.10pm on Sunday. A spokesman added: ‘One man sustained an injury to his face, and received first aid at the scene … A 37-year-old man from Bedford was arrested on suspicion of common assault and has been bailed until April 2. An investigation is ongoing’”.
That, though, is not what Lennon and his pals are saying. Now, remember that this is something he and his fan site TR News is alleging. OK? Here’s their claim: “CENTRE PARCS CHILD MOLESTING NONCE HAS TOMMY ARRESTED!” Subtle, eh?

There was more. “Tommy took his kids and his wife to Centre Parcs for a fun-filled day, what Tommy wasn’t expecting that day was a struggle in the swimming pool leading to his arrest. Tommy’s little girl is only eight years old; she went to Centre Parcs excited to spend time with her mum, her dad and her siblings. A day of fun ended up being a nightmare for an innocent little girl, spoiled by the predatory perversions of a child molesting nonce”.

TR News has made claims about the incident which this blog will not repeat, except to say that there are good reasons why the so-called MSM are not repeating them either. Nor are they repeating claims made by some Lennon fans that the man with whom their hero had the altercation was Asian. This may be because there is no evidence for the claim.
As John O’Connell at Far Right Watch has concluded after numerous phone calls to those working at Center Parcs at the time, there are “*No* witnesses to any 'paedophile activity’” but “*7* witnesses to the assault by Yaxley”. And remember, those shilling for Lennon on social media weren’t there either. They’re just recycling Lennon’s allegations.

Worse for Lennon, what happened may, if he gets guilty, be found to have breached his existing bail conditions - which means he could be returned to prison. Automatically.

Small wonder Stephen Lennon wants to blame someone else. No change there, then.
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Anonymous said...

Sweet Pants will be organising another welcoming committee for "Tommy".

Oh what joy.

Anonymous said...

How odd that this should have happened so soon after that report came out saying that being de-platformed had had such an impact.

A cynical person might think it was some sort of coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention, when the "so called nonce" gets his own m'learned friend on the case, Tommah may be in a real sack load of shit

Anonymous said...

Such a sensitive issue. Plastered over the web.
This isn't how the law works.

Neither can the law be seen to allow it. It will set a dangerous precedent for other areas of law.

grim northerner said...

He's clearly not sane.

Anonymous said...

There is video evidence of his daughter's testimonies, his emotional arrest and of police admitting to not arresting the other suspect for these allegations.

I expect even just 1 of the MSM in this country to provide me with this information too. Especially as I am taxed by one of them.

I don't know who to believe yet, but if him and his daughter are lying they really should have gone into acting.